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Guess Who Is Now On Whatsapp? Wikipedia!

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  •  February 26, 2016


Okay so. This is officially the Best. Thing. Ever.

Our curiosity correspondent, assignment rescuer, the knight in shining armor, is closer than ever. We have known, and used (often exploited), this comrade since our childhood, and now, it is just a text away.

Wikipedia is now on Whatsapp, people! *Drumroll*

Here’s how to access it.

  1. Save this number +1 (604) 449-1532 as Wikipedia to your phone.
  2. Create a group with any group name and add this contact (Wikipedia) only. You are already another contact by default: so Wikipedia and you (only 2 people) become the members.
  3. Now, post in that group, anything textual to search in Wikipedia, starting a text with “wiki”. For instance, if you want to know something about, say, Whatsapp, you must type:

Wiki Whatsapp

  1. Wikipedia replies in the group immediately.

I have tried and tested the feature and it ain’t spam. In fact, I am going all gaga over it. It’s almost like having your own personal Dobby who will fetch you any piece of information you want.

Wikipedia be like… Master, I await thy instruction. Add me.

Oh! Oh! I got one more PJ.

Whatsapp be like…Kar lo Wikipedia mutthi mein. #KThanksBye

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