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Jayati Godhawat

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10 Ways JWB Thinks Men Will React On The News Of ‘Male Birth Control Pills’

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  •  March 17, 2016


Well well, the news of the development of male contraceptive pills has stirred the men all over the world. Mmmm… for good reasons or bad, it’s debatable.

At the 251st National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in San Diego, the researchers at the University of Minnesota led by Dr. Gunda Georg suggested that the progress on the development of male birth control pill is underway.

He explained, “There are three receptors: alpha, beta, gamma. Studies have been done in animals that have a deficiency in the alpha receptor. These animals are quite healthy and quite normal; they don’t really need that receptor for anything other than sperm production. So if you could block that receptor [in humans], pharmacologically, you could induce infertility. Of course, once you stop the treatment, fertility would return normally.”

He added, “The animal studies were very promising in this regard. But, we want to make sure it’s only binding to the alpha receptor and not other receptors. However, everything indicates that we’re on the right track with this new approach.”

When I read this news, my mind was stuck on one thing – How will the Indian men react to it? In my opinion, a majority of men would not even welcome this idea. However, the younger generation might want to give it a ‘shot’!

My notorious mind weaved the whole scenario where the girl informs her male partner about the male contraceptive pills recently launched in the market. I came up with these ten possible responses:

1. Whattttt? That’s not for real, right?

funny cute girl lol food

2. Ahan! BTW, did you hear that zombies are in town, too?

Degree Men what funny face degree deodorant

3. *playing with X-box or PlayStation* Whatever. Move, you’re blocking my way!

4. Yeah right! Like I’m gonna need it. That’s your department, not mine.

funny submission mad men gay guys

5. Why don’t they invent a flying car instead? Let all the men fly far-far away from women. No men, no sperm, no problem, right? Duhh!


6.  I’m not in a mood to listen to your imaginary stuff. Let’s get to business, will you? Or, I serve myself, ha?

7. I have just come back from the office, all tired and this is what you want me to discuss?

love funny women awkward zooey deschanel

8. No way! There’s no chance I’m popping that pill in my mouth. What if it’s not safe for my body?

9. Thanks heaven, no need for condoms then, right?

funny big bang theory george harrison he looks scary but sexy scruffy men

10. Let this “trend” prevail in the West. We Indians know how to control our ‘monkeys’.

Do you have any funny response in mind? Let me know in the comments below!

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