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Juhi Jain Is Jaipur’s Very Own Midas, Find Out How!

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  •  March 19, 2016


We all remember the king of Phrygia, Midas, who was bestowed upon with the power of turning everything he touched into gold. 20-something Juhi possesses similar powers. Don’t believe us?

Her 7-month-old brand offers handcrafted Jaipuri jootiyan to the shoe-lovers across the globe. And there is one thing that dominates most of her designs – a touch of gold. This shine can be found in forms of glitter, sequin, embroidery, patchwork and other golden motifs.

Amusingly, Juhi is also a Guinness Book of World Record holder Tattoo Artist, and so the conversation became a little more interesting. Read how Juhi performed in our rapid-fire round while sharing insights from her life:

What are you good at?

I am cool at creating patterns so I paint, sketch, design shoes, and ink tattoos.

When did shoe-designing happen?

The day I realized I have this insane obsession with shoes. When I feel low, I go shoe shopping.

Explain Zarsà.

It’s an ancient Persian word that means ‘of gold’.

Which one is your favorite?

The Spring Wedding Collection. You can see shimmers everywhere in this lot; they represent the loud sparkling Indian weddings we all love!

Who buys from you?

My most loyal buyers are from my family itself! My mom, cousins, aunts, all the ladies in the family admire what Zarsà offers (laughs). Apart from this, I ship all over the country to women of all ages. I have sent my products overseas, as well.

How has Zarsà an edge over Jaipur’s Walled-city shoes shops?

Zarsà is not just about exclusive designs; it offers foot comfort to the buyers. Each shoe is hand-crafted with care and is made of fine leather. They are cushiony to walk in, and suit every season!

You’re a self-taught tattoo artist. What inspired you to go in that direction?

I always wanted my art to walk around and travel.

Tell us about the craziest tattoo design you have inked.

A frog.


Actually, no. Contrary to what I thought, this man getting the frog tattoo had the most imaginative logic behind the design.

What else do you love?

Animals! A percentage of what I earn goes to animal welfares.

Talk about the Juhi not everyone knows about.

I write and my novel of short stories will be on bookshelves by the end of next year!

One thing that you don’t like.

Sharing work credit and limelight! (giggles)

One thing you love sharing.

My quirk!

If you want to own Juhi’s ‘Midas-touched’ jootiyan, check out her Instagram page!




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