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9 Clever Ways To Exploit Stupid-Ass Social Stigma

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  •  March 7, 2016


1. Not religious? Best excuse to excuse yourself: Menstruation.


2. In fact, avoid all work using the stigma around your monthly gift.enhanced-895-1457074447-6

3. You can also exploit menstrual stigma to teach men lessons and to eat more junk food.enhanced-25504-1457081126-1

4. Show off more skin ~sanskaarily~ without the elders being pissed about it.enhanced-31277-1457075180-1 (1)

5. Don’t want aunties to suggest unwarranted rishtas? Dispel their version of “beautiful”.enhanced-24115-1457074695-1

6. Don’t feel like getting dolled up for guests? Get technical.ll

7. Go to a dinner party and don’t come home the whole night.enhanced-3521-1457075449-1

8. Use this clever trick to never wear a bra again.enhanced-14286-1457075629-1

9. And remember; talking to boys is shameless and wrong. Just use signs.anigif_original-24978-1457017685-3

This article is written and compiled by Imaan Sheikh, a writer for BuzzFeed.

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