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After Facing Death, This Filmmaker Decided To Live Her Life To The Fullest

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  •  April 18, 2016


San Francisco-based filmmaker Megan Sullivan faced the biggest fear of every human being – Death.

They say once you face something so dreadful, you tend to become more thankful towards the life, and feel blessed.

Back in 2015, Sullivan faced 3 incidents that changed her life. What’s more? They occurred within fifteen days.

“It all started in Yosemite Valley where I had been training for three years to climb the nose route on El Capitan,” Sullivan told BuzzFeed. “I was 2,000 feet up when I took a terrifying 50-foot fall. After a fall like that, I started to question everything… from why am I putting myself into these scary situations? What am I trying to prove to myself, or better yet, to the world?”

Unfortunately, things did not end there.

“Like something out of a movie, a week later, I was hit by a car while riding my Vespa and then diagnosed with skin cancer during a routine check-up. In three weeks time I was handed the trifecta of bad luck,” she added.

Post her treatment, she decided to dedicate her life to travel the world, especially the seven wonders of the world. She travelled to 12 countries in thirteen days and covered a total of 28,211 miles.

“I have a very high-demanding job which fortunately pays enough for me to be able to travel,” she said. “A massive misconception is that you have to be Bill Gates to travel the world… False.”

“Decreasing useless spending on your day-to-day will allow you to not only save for any trip that you desire; but, it will empower you to get rid of a lot of waste in your life,” she continued. “Personally, I constantly have a savings account specifically for travel and I don’t put anything onto credit cards. But, I also have been wearing the same jeans for three years and my friends know that I always bring my water canteen filled with box wine to any San Francisco bar.”

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