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Komal Panwar


5-Year-Old Girl Stuns The Crowd By Playing Van Halen Drum Cover

  • JWB Post
  •  April 16, 2016


0The first beat one ever learns on a drumkit is a basic 4/4 beat, which takes days to master. Let’s just say that Eduarda Henklein, the prodigal 5-year-old started way early.

The little girl, with a high ponytail maybe cute but she’s badass, too. She knows exactly how to do justice to a Van Halen song. She played a live drum cover of the hit Van Halen song ‘Jump’. And let me warn you before you click play.

The song is completely off-beat and is difficult to play (yessir it is!) but look how smoothly this girl has managed to pull it off.

Way to go girl, can’t wait for you to grow up and rock some crazy drum rolls.

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