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Bakul Mahesh Makes Homemade Natural & Delicious Lip Balms. Wanna Try?

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  •  October 3, 2015


Prepare yourself to own an amazing collection of flavored organic lip balms from .

Bakul Mahesh is a journalist, but whenever she finds time amidst her busy schedule, she makes lip-balms under her label Bakul’sapna.

Bakul says that her new venture started all of a sudden. “I never planned to make lip-balms, for god’s sake!”

She continued, “It just happened after the curiosity to deeply examine the ingredients of lip balms available in the market aroused. I tried making the composition in my kitchen, and when the result came out brilliantly in one go, I determined to not spurge 1000 bucks in some branded lip-balm anymore. I decided to create my own pocket-friendly range. All this happened 1 ½ years ago.”

That’s true! Bakul makes balms that are not just cost-effective but are also healthy. With the ideal base of natural oils and flowers, you can have lips that are beautiful au naturale.

Bakul, who designed the packaging and logo by herself, told us a little more about her ‘exploring-stage’, “Like a good customer, I read the ingredients of every lip-balm I bought.

.. I met soap-makers and even the shopkeepers to know their insight, along with some Googling, you know. The research period was quite a lesson in itself. For product-casing, I first tested the nail-paint remover bottles. Gradually, I zeroed in on the circular plastic containers.

You can see this decorative box kept here. This fancy packaging is for my premium range.”

“How did your mom react when you came up with the secret composition?”, we asked! She replied, “My mother is someone who will pat on your back for everything you do. When I showed her my first experiment, she told my elder sister about it who lives abroad. She was definitely proud. Afterward, she went on to tell EVERYONE she came across asking ‘What do you think of this?'”

No doubt, she’s one hell of a mommy we know!

Today Bakul’sapna has got many admirers across India. The customers can choose from a bold red lip to something neutral in various flavors! Bakul, personally, is fond of rose and Jasmine that she makes often. “However, people also demand to have vanilla bases quite often”, informed Bakul. And mind it, they are all-weather-friendly and have sunscreen to protect your lips from sunburns, keeping them pink all year long!

Before leaving, we asked her if she is afraid of the competition in the sector. She answered, “I haven’t thought of it yet. Majorly because I don’t know many names in Jaipur who are into the field. Moreover, I believe, one’s passion takes one forward. I am fond of what I am doing. I am creating something that will make women look gorgeous naturally!”

Bakul said she never imagined her home-made business, which first served friends and neighbors, would reach a commercial success. In the future, she intends to widen this organic product range by introducing home-made lip-scrubs, body lotions and soaps! “I owe all of this to my mom, honestly. May be that’s why, I have put her name in the brand’s name to pay gratitude – Sapna”, said the happy Bakul.


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