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Saloni Jain

JWB Intern

Enjoy JWB’s Tasty Chat With MasterChef India Contestant Devyani Bhati

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  •  May 20, 2016


It’s summer and we can’t keep calm. There are so many exciting workshops happening around us! One such cooking workshop called T.L.C. Taste. Learn. Cook  is being conducted tomorrow by city’s Devyani Bhati who is an ex-contestant of MasterChef India – Season 3. 

Before the event, JWB decided to catch up with the Chef herself to jot down ALL the tasty food secrets from her kitchen.

Quick side note: It was Devyani’s then newly-wed husband who secretly filled the participation form of MasterChef India for her. Aww!

Laughing Devyani informed, “I was only informed when the team of MasterChef India came to Jaipur to take auditions. However, I went there just to meet my crush, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. And as fate had it, I could make it to India’s top 5!”

When asked who is her Cooking-master in real life, she replied, “It was my mother who taught me the basics. Baking being my major interest, I began to read various cookbooks and followed TLC to develop my skills in baking and experimented a lot with the flavors of cakes. In future, I plan to open a bakery. Currently, I conduct classes at my home.

I have also carried out a number of workshops in Gujrat, Meerut, Sriganganagar and now preparing to bear my first workshop in Jaipur.”

Read JWB’s quick and interesting rendezvous with the self-taught Chef Devyani below:

Which spice are you?


One summer dish to ‘Beat The Heat’.

Strawberry Mango Cooler is definitely a fresh summer cooler.

Who’s your Guinea pig?

It’s my husband who gets to taste my experiments first!

Your Food critic?

Husband. He always challenges me to cook new dishes that we see or eat outside. Most of the times, he assists me. 

Which cuisine would you like to master?

Italian, since it’s a wide cuisine.

One food ingredient you like the most.

Maida! Everything is incomplete without it.

One underrated food ingredient that India kitchen should rediscover.

Dry mango powder. These days, every dish consists of tomato to add tangy flavor. Earlier, dry mango powder was used instead. 

Tips from your mother you still use.

I was brought up in a Rajpoot family in Jodhpur, and one thing I learned was that the non-vegetarian food is best cooked in a lot of oil. The left out oil can then be used in making paranthas.

Break one stereotype about Rajpooti Cuisine.

Apart from Gatte ki Subzi, Laal Maas, Saangari ki Subzi, we have a lot of other mouthwatering dishes like Lehsun ki Kheer and Gulabjamun ki Subzi, which is not sweet by the way.

5 quick healthy lunch-box dishes for working women.

Pies with any filling you prefer, Salads and sprouts with mango salsa and a lot of other ingredients is completely healthy and delicious, oats idli with dry chutney or masala, Kathi Rolls with healthy filling and Frankies.

How to fool kids into eating nutritious food like veggies?

You can add nutritious vegetables in the dough or make paranthas or make mix fruit/vegetable juices for them. They will definitely be tempted to try new things!

What has been your worst tadka?

I remember making ‘kaanchari ki chutney’ few days after my marriage. It was very spicy and oily that I had to throw it before anybody could taste it. Thank god!!

If ever you are home alone, what would you cook for yourself?

I would order from outside! I don’t like cooking for myself.

Favorite food destination in Jaipur

Spice court and Laxmi Mishthan Bhandaar (LMB). I love eating outside so basically I won’t throw bahar-ka-khana EVER!

On your journey of MasterChef India, which mistake do you think turned out to be a good lesson for you?

To not be friends with your competitors! However, once the show got over, most of us turned out to be good friends! Some of us even conduct workshops together.

Devyani’s workshop T.L.C. is happening tomorrow at Holiday Inn Hotel, Jaipur. Check out the details ! You can also contact her at 9784514085 , 9785100100.

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