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EXCLUSIVE: JWB Meets Cast & Crew of Jaipur’s First Web Series “No Offence”

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  •  March 18, 2016


Jaipur is growing in all aspects. And, to the list of Jaipur’s insanely growing talents, there’s an addition! A bunch of Jaipur people have started their very own web-series called ‘No Offence’.

Yeah, you heard it right. This Jaipur based series focuses on the two career-oriented people. It all begins when Preeti who had rejected Abhay as a compatible match, runs into him a few months later, and their lives begin to run parallel to one another! No, they’re not in love. YET. Let’s see what direction the series leads to. But, they talk about my favourite subject! Following dreams!

I got a chance to meet with one of the protagonists, as well as two other female actors of the show. Director Arpit Gangwal and cinematographer Sankalp Agarwal were also present during the chat.

I began my conversation with Sakshi, the chirpy, the wavy-haired girl next door.

Me: Tell me a little about your character, ‘Preeti’.


Sakshi: Preeti is a plain lass with big dreams. It would be safe to call her ambitious. She has a good job profile but feels that something is missing. Enter Abhay… And, let’s keep the rest for you to watch!

Me: Sunita, you’re playing the character of a buaji. Is she the regular, soap-opera negative buaji, or does this one have another dimension?


Sunita (Remember her from our Theatre activity?): Positive, until now! *giggles* In fact, I balance out the rigidity of the Fufaji. She’s doing exactly what a homely woman would do. Get everyone together, and make all happy!

Me: The first scene of the series shows how women, when approached for marriage, generally look for men who earn more than they do. Please comment on that.


Sunita: I think there’s nothing wrong with that, because if a woman is taking care of the family, and the husband is earning, what’s the problem? It’s just a way in which they divide the roles. It doesn’t have to happen in every case, though. Nowadays, if women are earning, then men also don’t shy away from helping them out in the household. That’s probably why men are asked their salaries, and women are asked if they can cook or not.

Garima: Somewhere along the line, yes we’ve tried to show that women do ask such questions, and in some ways, it could be wrong. You can call it an initiative to break that stereotype.


Me: How do you girls manage your time, and apart from ‘No Offence’, what’s going on in your lives?


Garima: I’m a student of MBBS, I keep pretty busy, and this environment relaxes me, and in fact, I’m very grateful. I’d like to join theatre if I ever find the time.

Sakshi: I tried to get into PMT, and thank god I didn’t get in. I’m a student of Psychology in ICG. Also, I’m grateful to my college for theatre. Before coming face to face with it in College, I had zero idea what theatre meant. They were auditioning for a play, and I was lucky enough to be offered to play one of the lead characters. My character’s name was Chameli Jaan.


Me: This is the same room where the samosa scene was shot. Tell me a little about that. 

Sakshi: I just wanted to eat the samosa! Arpit kept telling everyone to eat very little! There were going to be re-takes!

Me: Sunita ji, you’ve been a theatre artist for a long time. What does the future of web series culture look like?

L to R: Garima, Sakshi & Sunita

Sunita: I feel that we still need people who want to watch it! It’s a new concept and they are slowly beginning to accept the culture. I think it’s still a long way for us to go!

Guys, ‘No Offence’ is a five episode series, and three of them have already been aired! The crew tells me that the fourth and fifth episode are going to be brutal! Check out the series and let us know what you think of it!

PS: They promise us that no women were injured during the shoot.





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