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EXCLUSIVE: Miss World Fitness Physique Shweta Rathore Shares Her Inspiring Story

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  •  April 7, 2016


From being an engineer to becoming a one-of-a-kind physique athlete of India, Shweta Rathore’s journey is an inspiring tale of a girl’s dream and her unwavering dedication and hard work towards realizing it.

Shweta Rathore is the first Indian female to win a medal at the World championship. She was born and brought up in Jaipur and completed her graduation in the field of biochemical engineering. After working as an engineer for some time, she realised that there was more for her to accomplish in life. She then went on to become a physique competitor and an athlete.

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She has taken part in numerous National and International competitions and championships. And, she has successfully won the titles of Miss World 2014 Fitness Physique, Miss Asia 2015 Fitness Physique, Miss India Sports Physique Champion 2015, Miss Maharashtra Sports Physique Champion.

She currently resides in Mumbai and has even started an academy called ‘Fitness Forever’. Oh, and Shweta is also the first Indian ambassador of brand Muscletech.

Catch JWB’s exclusive telephonic interview with her below:

JWB: When did you realize that you wanted to become an athlete?

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Shweta: I started going to the gym when I was in Class 11th. I have always believed in fitness. Then, I went on to pursue B-tech and became an engineer. But, I never left working out and weight training. Years down the line, I realised that I wanted to do something more in the field of fitness.

I sculpted my body and people started advising me to go into the acting or modelling line. And, that’s what motivated me to enter the world championships and competitions. I wanted people to know that having a good body should not limit your prospects of becoming a heroine or a model. My main goal was to promote fitness in the country.

JWB: From an engineer to an athlete, wow! Were your parents supportive?

Shweta: My mother and my brother were always by my side. Initially, my father was a bit apprehensive as he thought that I would become muscular like a boy. Even during my school and college days, when I went to the gym, I had to make excuses. But after some time, when my father saw the physical changes and my dedication towards working out, he came onboard too. They are my biggest strength and support.

JWB: Tell us more about your academy Fitness Forever.

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Shweta: I came up with Fitness Forever to give a platform to other aspiring athletes and sportspersons. When I decided to make a career in this field, I had to coach myself. There are a lot of reasons for that. Girls like me who come from cities like Jaipur, where the parents are a bit conservative, are not allowed to get trained by a male coach. Even I believe that a female athlete would be more comfortable with a woman coach because she’ll be able to understand her body and circumstances better.

With Fitness Forever, my aim is to bring forward and train all people, especially girls, who want to be professional athletes but lack the right guidance. Along with promoting new talent, I’ll be conducting regular classes, workshops, and seminars on how to become a successful athlete.

I also want to promote fitness in the country. I want to be a lifestyle coach and not any regular trainer. There’s so much stress in our lives today! So many people suffer from depression at some point in their lives. I want to promote the fitness not only of the body but of the mind, as well. I want people to know that you have to be as healthy and fit inside as you are outside and it can be achieved through training the body and mind under a regular fitness routine. If you are fit outside, it makes you stronger inside.

JWB: You are the first and only Indian ambassador of Muscletech. How does it feel?

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Shweta: It feels great to be the face of India at the fitness front. Outside India, people believe that Indian girls can’t have an athletic physique which is why many a time they think that I am not an Indian. Hence, I have taken it as a challenge to make India stronger at the global level and prove to the world that we too can be great athletes.

JWB: How inspiring! But is a physique athlete different from a bodybuilder?

Shweta: Yes, they are different. The body for a physique athlete requires more toning up and just the right amount of muscles unlike the over muscular mass necessary to become a bodybuilder. We don’t become muscular and bulked up like men. Even in the physique competitions, they have a bikini round where we have to be gorgeous and feminine.

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Me: But, this field is deemed as the ‘men’s’ territory. Have you ever experienced gender discrimination?

Shweta: Not just fitness but I feel most of the sports are male-dominated. However, the scenario is slowly changing. Specifically in the fitness field, there are a lot of challenges if you are a woman. Women don’t get proper guidance and trainers. Pay structure is also low as compared to that of men. On top of that, girls face difficulties in getting sponsorships for the competitions and championships. But, here I would like to thank the media which is promoting and encouraging women in sports because of which we are getting due recognition.

Me: What is your fitness regime when you are training for competitions?

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Shweta: It is very disciplined and hard-core. I go to the gym twice, once in the morning for the cardio and once in the evening for weight training and stretching. In the afternoon, I have a ninety-minute schedule with my instructor for the preparation of the competition which includes cartwheels, flips, hand and headstands, etc. My diet is also very controlled and requires a high-protein intake. When the competition date gets closer, I cut down on my carbs and two days before the main day, I even decrease the water intake for better conditioning of the body.

When I am not training for competitions, I work out for two and a half hours daily.

Me: Phew, that sounds intense! What is your take on Size Zero, and what would you advise women on fitness?

Shweta: Size- Zero, intake of steroids, etc. are all shortcuts, according to me. And there’s no shortcut to a healthy lifestyle. Women should understand that they must have strength, stamina, and good health. Most women go on worthless “diets” because of which their bodies and mind are not well nourished. One must include fitness in the lifestyle in any form of physical exercise. And most importantly, they must love themselves. Women need to realise that they are the roots of their families and are the most powerful, beautiful, and valuable creation of God.

‘Ladies, love your body and appreciate it. Don’t wait for men to compliment you. If you love yourself, people will love you for sure. So, start loving yourself and be positive.’

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Shweta Rathore will be participating in the Asian Championship in August 2016 and World Championship in December 2016. Also, she has become the first Indian woman to be selected for the Hungary Cup.

The sportsmanship spirit of Shweta is applaudable as well as inspirational. India is earning much-deserved recognition and appreciation in the field of sports due to the efforts and dedication of people like her. She is the pride of India and we wish her all the best for future endeavours. Kudos!

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