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Priya Motiani


Faith Herbert Is Our Favourite Female Comic Super-Hero. Find Out Why!

  • JWB Post
  •  February 26, 2016


Brace yourselves! The ultimate ‘realist’ female superhero is here!

Faith Herbert is a flying telekinetic superhero of a new comic series from Valiant, and she is absolutely true-to-life! She is not one of the usual superhero figures, who seem to have walked out of Vogue magazine’s cover, flaunting the perfect figure, perfect hair, and the perfect everything.

She is a pear-shaped woman, as plain and simple as the girl next door. And you know what the best part of the series is?

Nowhere will you find the mention of her bodily traits. Rather, you will see them in the form of beautiful graphic illustrations.

“She is someone who wants to be a superhero and has these great role models that she’s trying to live up to, and to me, that’s a much more interesting story than her dealing with people saying crap about her body,” said Jody Houser, the writer behind ‘Faith’.

Her character is not prevailed upon by labels such as fat, curvy, thick, etc. There happens no body shaming, whatsoever, in the case. There’s just a pictorial representation of her in all her glory, sans the stereotypical judgments.

 “In comics, there is no hiding. So when we see Faith, right there on the cover, we see a fat woman. A fat body … Faith IS fat. And she is not hiding. And that is so, so important,” says Amy Diegelman.

This super girl was originally a part of Valiant’s “Harbinger” series, but just last month, i.e. January’16, Faith Herbert came out solo in her own series.

“Women are excited to see a woman on a cover who looks like them — that means a lot to them. Her size is an aspect of her character but not the central focus. It’s just part of who she is,” Jody added.

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