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JWB Marched Along With Women in Global Mentoring Walk Jaipur’16

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  •  March 5, 2016


Pamm paraa.. Paararraa… Thinking why I’m so jolly today? Well, my day started with a great morning. JWB clan gathered at Rambagh Golf Club along with other 200 women to participate in the Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walk Jaipur 2016.

87 walks in 57 countries took place on the same day, i.e. today, to celebrate International Women’s Day. In India, walks simultaneously happened in Banglore, Hyderabad, Pune and Jaipur. Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walk aims at paying it forward. Mentoring walks focus on the importance of women leadership and empowerment of the future women leaders through mentoring.

It was a very breezy and pleasant morning. Sanchit and I reached before time as we were very excited for the experience. We took it as an opportunity and chatted with Archana Surana, the Flag Bearer of the Global Mentoring Walk in Jaipur.

Archana Surana

Me: Good Morning ma’am! This is your 6th mentoring walk in Jaipur. Tell us about your association with Vital Voices.


Archana Surana

Archana: I am a part of Global Leader Network. I have been associated as the lead fellow with Vital Voices since 2007. I have participated in various mentoring programs that are held from time to time. We believe that 65% of the women, who are mentored, later become mentors themselves.


Archana Surana

Me: Women Mentors Forum has organized this year’s mentoring walk. Elaborate on the vision and work of the forum.

Archana: Women Mentors Forum is working towards connecting more and more women, so they can mentor and be mentored in life and outshine in all areas of their life. We organize various programs, walks and peer mentoring sessions, this way a meaningful and beneficial environment for all women can be developed. The website for the forum shall be in operation soon which will widen our reach.


Archana Surana and me

Me: That’s a great initiative ma’am. What are your future aspirations for the mentoring walk and program?

Archana: Alyse Nelson, President, and CEO, Vital Voices Global Partnership, said that if you cannot pay back, pay forward. So, we are all working towards investing in future women leaders. Next year, we are planning to conduct mentoring walk in Delhi too. So, we are uniting as many women we can and blossoming sisterhood to pay it forward.

Me: Wow, that’s inspiring.


Registration Desk


Mentors & Mentees

Well, after the conversation we went on to catch the hustle bustle at the registration area. All the women looked energized and eager for the walk.  Over 200 women, 100 mentors and 100 mentees registered for participation.


Suman Sharma


Shagun Chowdhary & Suman Sharma

After the registration, mentors and mentees were paired, and Archana briefed about the walk and introduced the chief guests of the walk. Suman Sharma, Chairperson Rajasthan State Commission for Women, and Shagun Chowdhary, an Olympic Shooter, and the First Indian woman shooter to qualify for Olympics.

Suman Sharma expressed,


Archana Surana, Shagun Chowdhary, and Suman Sharma

“I am very happy to be here, at Jaipur’s Global Mentoring Walk. Through such a platform, we are cherishing womanhood and showing the universe, the real potential of women.”

As the walk commenced, we also paired up. Komal and Pallav, and Sanchit and I. Where Pallav was with Komal all the time, Sanchit and I were like Tom and Jerry. I being Tom, running behind to catch Jerry, errrr.., Sanchit. Phewww!IMG_8459

We marched and talked to so many women from various professions.IMG_8460


From Left To Right: Mentee Shilpi Tanwar, Mentor Reeta Tyagi, Mentor Urvashi Warman, and me

We met Reeta Nyati, an Alternative Therapist with her mentor Shilpi Tanwar. We enquired about her experience and her advice to mentees. She said,

“The platform that Archana has given is so great. The simple concept where women talk to each other while walking is in itself so rejuvenating, empowering, and at the same time enjoyable. Sometimes, in life, you may not know what you want, but through mentoring, you open yourself to the world full of prospects. You learn so many things from so many people, that it enriches your being and motivate you towards achieving your goals. And, what’s more beautiful is that we, mentors, also become mentees of our mentees and learn so much from them as well.”

Beautiful thought, isn’t it?

From Left to Right: Mentor Kulsum Malik, Mentor Sumiti Mittal, Mentee. Behind: Mentor Poonam Mehra

Well, we also met Kulsum Malik and stopped by to ask the latest and upcoming make-up trends for this summer.

All girls take notes!

“Nude makeup is the new in thing. And, it looks beautiful and natural as it is minimalistic. So, definitely, this trend is here to stay. Also, we’ll experience full water-proof make-up in coming seasons. Like even the false eyelashes will be waterproof, and will sustain even after activities like swimming. “IMG_8525IMG_8529

Tired after the walk (& running behind Sanchit) we went to the banquet of the Golf Club.IMG_8639IMG_8635


Shagun Chowdhary & Archana Surana

Archana shared the vision of the Global Ambassadors program with the women. Also, many mentees shared their experience of the walk.



Katrina, a Ukrainian, a mentee of Manisha Gulyani shared how amazing the experience was for her.

She is a Kathak dancer, and I’m a fashion designer, but we both are teachers. We both shared how we can contribute to the growth of women as teachers. We talked about so many things. We discussed our personal lives, our careers, future goals, etc. We’ll keep in touch and shall help each other in whatever means possible.”


Dr. Anita Bhandari

We also got a chance to talk to Dr. Anita Bhandari, an ENT Specialist, and a Mentor Chair of Women Mentors Forum.

“We want to take our initiative of mentoring forward to school and college level, and even want to reach to the homemakers. Peer mentoring sessions have helped us gain an understanding of so many different professional areas and broadened our perspective. The dynamism of our initiative is so contagious.”

Ritu Nanda, also a member of the organizing committee for the walk shared her experience,

“I am very happy and relaxed now, as everything went so well. But, gathering over 200 women in the park, registering them, and then pairing them was a big task; and I think Archana, and all of us, managed it pretty well.”

No doubt about that!


Shagun Chowdhary, Archana Surana, and Komal

Well, our stomachs were growling with hunger. And, so Komal and I decided to take a break and relish the breakfast spread, ditching Sanchit and Pallav. Sorry Guys!  *sticking out my tongue*

Shagun Chowdhary shared her inspiring story with everyone. (Wait up; JWB will soon bring our readers her story and an exclusive interview.)

But here’s a teaser,

“My parents have been my mentors. They always pushed me and motivated me in the right direction. My mother always wanted a prefix of Doctor, Engineer, etc. before my name. When I qualified for Olympics, I asked her, if this prefix shall work. She was overjoyed….. ”

In entirety, the mentoring walk has left me inspired and motivated for my future endeavors. It’s a great step by the accomplished women of Jaipur towards women empowerment.IMG_8805

Three Cheers for Global Mentoring Walk

Hip, Hip Hurray! Hip, Hip Hurray! Hip, Hip Hurray!Global Mentoring Walk Jaipur

Lo & Behold, for fun, is not over yet. We’ll share with you the overheard conversations at the mentoring walk and its Photo Diary in the next few days.



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