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Sexologist Saatiish Jhuntrraa Answers Naughty Sex Queries Of Jaipur Women

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  •  March 5, 2016

Aloha, Jaipur ladies!

We, at JWB, are doing our best to make your International Women’s Day a wise one. Apart from talking about career, finances, fashion, we are focusing on sexual health queries that you’re pouring on us.

Today, city’s renowned Sexologist Saatiish Jhuntrraa of Vivaan Hospital is candidly answering your naughty questions, have a look!

Q 1. I am married for almost three years, but strangely, I never get to enjoy orgasm. It is always my husband who comes out sexually satisfied after every session. So that he doesn’t get offended, I fake orgasms many a time.

Dr. Saatiish: Many women have this query, and trust me, it’s natural. There is nothing wrong with you or your husband’s body. It’s just that he knows his preference way better than you. All you need to do is, identify your G-spots and communicate the same with him. Give a little more importance to the foreplay. Let him take care of the rest.

Q 2. Last week I read about vaginal health and hygiene on your blog. My partner and I thoroughly enjoy anal sex. My best friend told me it can be dangerous for a woman’s body, is it? Also, is it hygienic?

Dr. Saatiish: Every kind of sex is safe if you use protection. I’m glad you’re open to experimenting and enjoy anal sex. Hygiene totally depends on you.

Q 3. Last month, the condom got stuck inside my vagina during a late-night sex session. My husband and I got so afraid and didn’t know where to go. Thankfully, somehow we managed to bring it out. We’re a bit fearful of using condoms since then. Can you suggest what should one do if this happens in future?

Dr. Saatiish: I advise you to calculate your monthly cycle. If you are not ovulating, it is less likely that you’ll get pregnant. Also, try other types of contraception.

Q 4. My boyfriend’s penis is tiny and we haven’t performed sex yet. He thinks he will not be able to sexually satisfy me. What do we do?

Dr. Saatiish: I guess, the size is not less than 3 inches, which is very rare. If it is 3 or more inches, relax. It’s a myth that long penises satisfy women more than the small ones. As his partner, I suggest you support his moral confidence.

Q 5. Is it normal to get wet during sex?

Dr. Saatiish: Absolutely!

Do you have any questions which you’re embarrassed to ask? Don’t shy away from putting them forward because our Doc says ‘the questions can’t get mischievous than me’!! Write to us at . We’ll keep your identity anonymous. If you want to ask the Doctor directly, visit Vivaan Hospital’s online consultancy.

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