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Lavanya Bahuguna


For Xmas, Sunita & Swagata Bring Maths Gifts For Our Nerdy Students Of ‘Classroom On Wheels’

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  •  December 22, 2015


This is a place most of us don’t want to go to. A place that has no city lights, loose wires hanging overhead, there is debris of waste, and it’s a place that is too chaotic. But you know what, most of the times, places like these are full of dreams and passions.

With our social project ‘Classroom on Wheels’, we’re trying to unearth these visions. JWB visits city slums every second day to teach and interact with the underprivileged children. Fortunately, we’re receiving constant support from our readers to move forward.

Few days back, we told you about our plan to surprise these little ones with Christmas gifts, inviting you to be their Santa Claus. When asked what gifts they would like to get, these kids drew dolls, bat-ball kits, etc. on white sheets to be sent to Uncle Santa.

We are glad how Jaipur women like Mukta and Terjani have come forward to help us. Today, we welcomed another lovely lady, Sunita Payra, along with her husband. Sunita and Swagata (extreme left in the picture above), a highly-qualified duo, have donated more than 70 sets of pencil boxes and geometric boxes, for both small and senior kids.

We’re so thankful to them!

If you’re thinking to brighten the Christmas for these kids, reach us at or drop us a message on . Gifts like new toys, stationery, clothes, food items can be filled into this Santa-bag!

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