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Jayati Godhawat

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Here’s A Simple Device That Can Convert Sea Water Into Fresh Drinking Water

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  •  April 16, 2016


An Italian industrial designer, Gabriele Diamanti, designed a simple device that runs on solar power Eliodomestico, which can convert salt water into fresh drinking water.

This device does not require any kind of electrical energy and this makes it portable and eco-friendly. The Italian designer created it for people in underdeveloped and developing nations which are in crucial need of portable water. It requires sea water as its only raw material.

Eliodomestico works when salt water is poured into the container during the day. The heat of the sun causes the steam pressure to build up which sends it down a tight nozzle leading to a watertight boiler at the bottom. The steam condenses again & becomes the fresh potable water.

The lower basin is where the condensed water gets collected which can be taken out and carried for transportation purposes.

The device is made from easily available materials and is low maintenance. The Eliodomestico will approximately cost $50 and will be able to produce 5 litres of fresh water in a day.

Gabriele Diamanti wants the project to reach countries where people have a shortage of clean drinking water.

Genius, isn’t it?

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