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How To Stay Trendy In 2016, Fashion Stylist Shruti Misra Tells It All To JWB!

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  •  December 26, 2015


Usually, mornings are full of chaos; everybody is looking for some creative ways to escape the blues. Well, today was different as I was charged up like never before to catch up with Jaipur’s Shruti Misra, a Fashion Stylist.

I was engrossed in my thoughts when I saw adorned in bright floral attire. Her style made the mood, even more, colorful and active. How on earth could I miss the opportunity to ask her a thing or two about the top trends of 2016? Here you go!

Me: Let me begin by asking about your initial steps towards an impressive career.

Shruti: I always had a creative bent. I am a professional Sufi Kathak dancer. I wasn’t academically much involved, and so my parents encouraged me to pick up something that would make me happy.

Me: Have you taken any training in styling?

Shruti: At IIS University, I shared my passion for fashion designing. The dean and faculty were more than happy to guide me. However while pursuing the designing course, I realized this isn’t enticing enough. I never saw myself fighting with tailors or setting up my boutique. And that’s when my eureka moment happened, I thought of styling.

Me: I am intrigued, so did you quit the course and followed your passion?

Shruti chuckled at this quick question.

Shruti: No, I did three months internship with Hello magazine.

Me: That’s absorbing, so share more about your actual styling journey?

I caught a glimpse of blushing Shruti.

Shruti: The journey wasn’t a cake walk. Each milestone was a stepping stone to where I stand today. I learned the basics and grabbed the platform to work with high profile people like Akash Ambani, Aditya Thackery, Sania Mirza. My ‘wow’ moment was to style Actor Armaan Jain, who made his debut with ‘Lekar Hum Deewana Dil’.

Shruti Misra with Arman Jain

Another round of chuckle.

Me: Who is your favorite personal stylist?

Shruti: I loveeeeeeee Anaita Shroff, Fashion Director for Vogue. She is very experimental with her work and likes to take risks.

 Me: Who, according to you, in Bollywood is a Fashionista?

After a wink, the response came.

Shruti Misra

Shruti: It has to be Sonam Kapoor who likes to experiment with her looks and manages to carry off brilliantly. Ummm, I think Ranveer isn’t reluctant to try new styles.

Hiding my excitement, I requested Shruti to uncover the Fashion Trends of 2016.

She suggested, “In the apparel section, girls can look forward to new colors like olive, rust, copper, gray. Lots of British styled clothes and oversized coats with fur, capes. She mentioned the 70s would be back again in 2016, and there are different ways to work the hot 70s trend.

Mentally I too started thinking about my personal wardrobe as I didn’t want to miss out on the chance to embellish it.

Styling by Shruti

She continued, “Unlike 2015, 2016 will again embrace low waist jeans and a lot of military tops/shirts. Non-experimenters can play safely with black color.”

Moving to my favorite part, accessories, I bombarded Shruti to share insights. To my astonishment, 2016 will be full of brass, beads, pearls and gold. A shout out to all the Bohos (including me), as next year would be full of tribal and folk style jewelry. The fascination for printed tote and clutch will be there.

I think Bappi Lahiri Da would be the happiest person on this planet after hearing this as a fashion prediction.

She added, “One can expect peep toes, pumps, printed boots (if you wish to experiment) to take full rage. Add some extra spice by wearing printed socks with sandals.”

It is surely a trend to try as I am eager to welcome sci-fi characters in my personal collection.

Shruti revealed some trends for men too! She said, “Say no to slim fits and be prepared to welcome baggy pants, polo collared shirts, long sleeves till elbow. 

Lots of colors can be added to men’s wardrobe like indigo, dark gray, landscape colors, light mauve. I can already visualize men’s with new colors. If you are good with experimentation like Ranveer Singh, then go ahead and buy dungarees, short shorts, white pants for summer.”

A flash of lightening hit my mind when I asked Shruti regarding printed boots for guys.

After a long pause and grin, Shruti said if Ranveer Singh can, why can’t others!

Before signing off, I took her suggestion asking about the best shopping hubs where we can check out these trends. And here’s what she suggested:

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