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Nidhi Sharma, Rajasthan Judiciary Services Topper, Speaks To JWB

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  •  December 25, 2015


How would you feel if your efforts of 8 years and persistent attempts to achieve your dreams finally took a physical shape? Fantastic and out of the world, right?

We witnessed the same sentiment of , who aced this year’s RJS exam. Our tête-à-tête with Sonal affirmed our belief that sky is the limit, and there is no stopping. Really.

Me: So how does it feel?

Nidhi: The feelings can’t be pinned down, but it’s fantastic to see that my dream of becoming a High Court Judge isn’t far.

I couldn’t have agreed more, after getting through NMIMS University I had a similar experience.

Me: Were you expecting this result?

Nidhi: Honestly, no. I somehow had a feeling I would crack this time, but it didn’t occur to me I would top. It was my 3rd attempt and in my previous trials, I couldn’t get through because of the less margin. This year I have secured 214 marks on 300.


Nidhi Sharma With Her Mother Smt. Shanti Sharma

Me: For how long have you been preparing for this competitive exam?

Nidhi: To put it in a logical unit, I would say eight years.

Whattttttttt? Eight years…

Me: Ok, so there is more to it, right?

Nidhi: Couple of my relatives from my father’s side are into judiciary services. And, how everybody praises them for their credible work towards the society. My parents and my cousin, who is a Dist. Judge at Rajasthan High Court, is my true inspiration.

Me: What was the journey like?

Nidhi: I am a firm believer that there are no shortcuts to success, one has to believe in the dream at every moment to achieve it. My two elder sisters – Alka Sharma and Preeti Joshi, my parents – Shri. Jai Shiv Sharma and Smt. Shanti Sharma didn’t give in to the pressure created by the society. Their sacrifice and motivation paved the path for me. I studied for more than 12 hours every day. There were times I used to breakdown.

Nidhi Sharma

Me: Go on.

Nidhi: Towards my first attempt, I joined a coaching center. Later, I mustered the courage to do self/group study. Interestingly, my friend Siddharth Shankar, who cleared the exam in 2014, guided me throughout.

Evidently a friend for life.

Me: So, what’s next?

Nidhi: I will undergo one-year paid training that comprises of academic and practical experience. After the completion, I will be posted.

Me: Well, that’s very exciting. And you will be a Judge then!?

Nidhi: I am very excited because this year, the majority of class comprises of girls. It’s a great thing to see many women choosing this field. It would be unfair if I don’t say that women as a gender are empathizing and take into account different perspective. So, an achievement to see more female judges who would bring the much-needed change.

Nidhi Sharma

Hail women judges and salutation to you.

Me: And lastly, any message for aspirants?

Nidhi: Success comes with perseverance and one’s dedication. One shouldn’t get disappointed if the results aren’t worthy. Keep trying and don’t give up.

Well said, the beginning is always the hardest. We are so looking forward to more women judges like Nidhi Sharma.

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