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Komal Panwar


HR Manager Reviews Her Employees’ ‘Beautificiency’ In This Jaipur Office

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  •  March 9, 2016


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Are you sure when you say that? The most beautiful thing about a human being is their confidence and satisfaction with oneself. With that in mind, this International Women’s Day, Jewels of Jaipur in collaboration with Jaipur Women Blog came up with a unique campaign.

It’s not easy to multi-task and still find time out for ourselves. But, nonetheless, it is true that when we feel beautiful, our work reflects it, and it’s then, that we are Beautificient. Earlier, we had collaborated with Kotak Mahindra bank and done a makeover for three of their lady bankers. This time was different!

The five women at Skoda’s Raja Park showroom are all young, thriving to build successful careers. While those who are married will be seen busy with their schedules of cooking meals, taking care of their children, the unmarried ones will be busy with cleaning the home and ‘learning’ how to cook meals. Because, y’know, they’ve to get married and handle their Sasural Simar ka.

First up for her makeover was the HR manager Prema Jaiswal Nirwan herself. She walked into the conference room where the makeup brushes and stylish jewelry awaited her.

At the end of the day, we were to enquire if the women were more efficient than on normal days.

Prema seemed to love makeup; it was just that she usually didn’t find much time to do it in the morning.

Me: What do you never leave home without?

Prema: Eyeliner and lipstick.

As the beauticians worked on her face, she told them in what partition she’d like to get a hairstyle.

Prema used a tomato red lipstick to suit her look; it immediately brightened her face up. The cat eyes did the rest of the work. Since she was the first, she picked out the ring of her choice that was brought by Jewels of Jaipur and completed her look.

Vartika was good to go with anything and everything. She reminded herself that she hadn’t gotten the time to visit the beauty parlor, so she quickly got her eyebrows done. She smiled at me and shrugged, “no time!”

The most time we take out for ourselves is during the lunch and tea break.”

She loved the lipstick shade that was picked for her and combed through for her perfect ring from Jewels of Jaipur.


Neetu entered the room with a red lipstick; her face looked fresh, and she seemed confident at the first sight. She later informed us how her job was to sit at the front desk, and thus, it gave her another reason to dress up every morning.

Just eyeliner for me, please.” She smiled.

Well, post the eyeliner, we asked her to pick a ring/earrings. After trying a couple of earrings, she finally settled for one and left happily.

Ruma, who entered next, already seemed confident and accepted that she always felt beautiful in her skin. However, she was hesitant to get her makeup done, but the persistent efforts of her colleagues paid off. Ironically, Ruma is the one who applies makeup for her colleagues whenever she gets a chance but avoids putting it on for herself.

Ruma picked a cocktail ring that screamed awesome for herself.

While I could hear the girls chit-chatting outside, Rekha walked in saying, “for this day especially, I left my face completely blank like a canvas. Otherwise, I never walk out of the house without lipstick.”

She chuckled. She knew the kind of makeup she wanted to get done and requested the beauticians for a very light makeup.

She sat, relaxing, and was peacefully getting pampered.

I loved her hair, especially (wonder why). She fell in love with the big circular tops! They went perfectly well with the color of her shirt, weren’t too loud for work either!

Soon after, I called the HR Prema and enquired about the performances of the ladies. Here’s what she had to say:

For Herself

Today, I was supposed to take recruitment interviews, and while talking to the candidates, I felt highly confident. I enjoyed working more than usual, and the compliments worked as the fuel to my efficiency.


Ruma deals with customers, and really, she knew that she didn’t need to take another look in the mirror, her hair and hair were perfect.


We rarely ever see Neetu wearing eyeliner, she looked beautiful, in fact, she brought her own eyeliner to work today, after all, the compliments she received. She was quicker and more efficient with her work.


Appreciation always works wonders, yes. But, when we feel self-assured there’s no bigger motivation in the world! The same happened with Rekha! While she was working, her face was glowing with confidence, and her earrings were doing the rest of the job.


She felt confident the moment she walked out of the conference room after her makeup! She had also got her eyebrows done. She felt beautiful, and was more confident in talking to the staff and customers. The entire environment of the office was very positive!

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