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Boss & 3 Women Bankers Review The Latter’s ‘Beautificiency’ In This Jaipur Office

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  •  February 23, 2016


“Making time for myself? Wearing make-up before going out? Are you kidding me?”

The three women at the Kotak Mahindra Bank, Banipark, snapped at us the moment we asked them about their respective self-time.

Earlier today, we went to this prominent bank to kick-start our campaign ‘I am Beautificient’ commemorating International Women’s Day (March 8). Since working women juggle between their work and personal life, ‘Jaipur Women Blog’ and ‘’ thought why not give them a day’s warrant to re-explore their femininity! Hence, we invaded the Kotak Mahindra province along with a couple of make-up artists and some chic tribal jewelry from the city-based ‘Jewels of Jaipur’.

JWB thinks that self-time can be anything – reading a book or power-dressing for work. Through this campaign, we want to extend our message among the warrior-women that self-love/self-time can really help them become happier from inside, and way more efficient at work.

We got hold of the three women working at this bank’s branch – Vineeta Gupta, Nidhi Mishra and Ranu Gaur. Our task was to make them feel beautiful both from within and without. With some subtle makeup on and donning the latest tribal collection of JOJ, we were sure to erase the worry-wrinkles from the face and replace it with a blush. Natural, of course.

We began with Vineeta. And before the make-up artist could apply the powder base on her face, she declared, “No dark lipstick, please. I might feel awkward in front of the customers.” As guided, the talented artist put a very delicate yet alluring makeup on her face.

Upon asking, Vineeta started to chat, “I’ve got a four-year-old at home. He is naughty, no doubt. I get up at 5 am every day to quickly complete the household chores and reach work by 9:15 am. To be honest, I don’t have ten minutes to myself. It’s mostly kajal that completes my look for the day. And let’s not even talk about the hair.”

After 15-minutes, Vineeta was ready to witness her new look. Photographer Sanchit showed her the glimpse in his camera. Well, that smile says it all about her reaction. Doesn’t it?

Vineeta went gaga over the straight-hair look and promised that she’ll try hair-smoothening very soon. All the best, lady! When it came to select a statement JOJ jewelry piece, she restricted her choice to a ring saying wearing a statement necklace is so not her. Aah!

Next were Nidhi and Ranu. Both the girls are in the Bank’s Marketing dept. which means they are mostly out during the daytime to meet the clients and attend meetings. “Sunscreen is our best friend that needs just two minutes to be applied. Daytime schedules are crazy”, quipped Ranu.

Since Nidhi was already wearing some make-up, a little touch-up was more than enough for her photogenic face. Not to mention, Sanchit’s camera fell in love with her.

Nidhi added, “Though I am not married, I find it quite difficult to manage time in the morning. Self-time doesn’t exist for me, especially for 6 days a week. I rely on eyeliner and some gloss. And because I have really-really long hair, I don’t wear them open. A bun is a good option to save me from the hair-fall problem.”

The make-up artist suggested Nidhi how else she could style her hair quickly before work. She said, “Experiment with braids like fish-braid and waterfalls. This will keep the hair safe along with giving you a whole new look every time.”

For Ranu, the make-up artist suggested trying bob-curls. As much as it sounds voguish, it looked absolutely trendy on her! 

The girls respectively picked up a silver statement ring and a pair of silver earrings. Look at them!

The task wasn’t over yet. JWB will keep a track of their work performance by asking the HR official how the three women delivered today. Did the fresh look help? Did they enjoy pampering at work? Did their inner happiness get reflected in their respective work areas? Stay tuned!

“I was stupid for I kept myself away from my femininity after marriage, hoping that no one was looking at me. I guess it’s time I change this mindset”, said Ranu before we bid goodbyes. Certainly!

P.S. The three participants will also be competing to WIN a ‘Jewels of Jaipur’ jewelry piece if they put a selfie with their new look on FB using the hashtag #JOJBeautyChallenge. Not only this, they also have to complete the line “When I Feel Beautiful, I….”. The person with the maximum number of Likes and Comments will win! If you want to support them, check out the hashtag #JOJBeautyChallenge!


We told ya’! Women perform way too better when they dress up well a.k.a when they feel beautiful and confident both within and without. See what these three women AND their Boss think about their performances:

Vineeta: OMG, the ring! I remember welcoming the customers with a broad smile on my face and flaunting my huge JOJ ring while exchanging official papers with them. I enjoyed every minute of typing, too! Also, my husband loved my straight hair and is after my life to get this look permanently. *blushes*

Nidhi: Oh, I got many compliments that boosted my confidence ten folds. Amusing was when the clients noticed and appreciated my fresh look.

Ranu: I enjoyed winding my hair because I could feel those beautiful silver danglers kissing my nape. (laughs) I enjoyed meeting new clients because I wanted to show off my beautiful self. Also, I took selfies to inspire myself every day to get dressed.

Jitendra Singh, Branch Manager: If you want the answer in one word, I would say they ‘managed’ this day very well. Nidhi was sounding confident like never before. Both Ranu and Nidhi cracked more deals than usual. On the other hand, Vineeta brought a very jolly vibe with her. It was like a ripple effect in the office. Dear Team JWB, please keep conducting such events, especially for women. It’s a great HR activity, by the way.



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