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Jayati Godhawat

JWB Blogger

‘I Am A Girl Who Wants To Get Married And Be A Homemaker’

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  •  February 29, 2016


At present, the most fearful thing amongst youngsters is marriage. I am 24, and many girls and boys of my age mostly avoid the talks of getting married. There may be different reasons for it like career priorities, commitment issues, lack of time, difficulty in finding the ‘perfect’ one, etc. And when the family, friends, or relatives bring this subject, they run like a million rats are chasing them.

But I am a girl who has always fancied getting married and the post-married days too. Like Kareena in Jab we met said, Mujhe toh bachpan se hi shaadi karne ka shauk raha hai by god, I too as a kid, used to dream about how I would get married, what clothes I would wear, how my partner would look at me, how I would wait for him to return from work, and so on.*dreaming again*

I have always loved the idea of a big fat Indian wedding. I have always imagined my fairytale wedding festivities. The attention and pampering that I’ll get from my family and friends. The courtship period, Ohhhh!! The gifts, late night phone calls, dinner dates, drive, etc. I have been fascinated by them all and not to forget the excitement of the trousseau shopping. Yay! And, you may charge me guilty of it, but having a grand wedding has always been a part of my plan.

I also think of how my post marriage days would proceed. How my husband, his family and I would bond with passing days. My father and mother’s beautiful relationship has a tremendous impact on my idea of marriage. I have imagined our matching outfit colors for the parties, the fights and arguments we would have, the ways we’d make up after those fights, the special Sunday meals I would cook for him, the number of kids we would have, and other little details of everyday routine.

I have always been vocal about the fact that I don’t want to work anywhere after marriage. I want to be a homemaker. I have never been ashamed of it.

Nowadays, girls belittle the idea of being a homemaker and feel it’s worthless and not of any value. I don’t believe that. Having a career is great but downgrading the women who have chosen to stay at home is not right. I think that being a homemaker is as good as any other career, and men & women should respect it. One must understand that it takes education, planning, management skills, patience to be a good homemaker. And once we infer this in mind that marriage is about co-existence and co-dependence, never will the women feel that they are asking their husbands for their money as mercy, and nor will the men feel that they are favoring their wives by financially supporting them.

Well, it’s a matter of choice. And, I would always strive to become a good wife, and would always respect my decision.

I know that marriage is not only roses, that marriage changes your life completely. One has to adjust not only to their partner but with their respective families. But I have never been scared of this change and never will be. As I see it, before marriage, we are a part of our parents’ universe. But the idea of living and building a life with my partner will always excite me.

Marriage is the beginning of your little world with the person you love.

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