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Is Prints-on-Prints Complimentary Or Contradicting? Let JWB’s Founder Guide You!

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  •  March 5, 2016


Wearing Prints on Prints is no rocket science, fellas! Our Lady Boss, Ana, tells you how to pull off the look this Spring/Summer.

Florals + Polkas: Sophistication of flowers when mixing with the retro polkas creates the prettiest Girl-next-door look.

Optical + Botanical: Clash these two, making sure one of them is a micro-print.

 prints on prints

Comic + Polkas: Let’s pay tribute to our favorite Disney Channel with this playful combination. Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks must be high-fiving us from heaven!

Mickey mouse prints crop tops with polka dot skirt

Polkas + Stripes: And, this one is my fave. Wearing black and silver together can be tricky. Look at Ana, she pulled it off with so much ease! Surprisingly, this look lasts longer than your longest lasting lipstick! *wink*

Ana says, “That’s quite evident that I LOVE Polkas. However, I want to mix all sorts of prints with all sorts or pop colors. I am game for the bold experiments, and you?”

Tell us about your most fun look!

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