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Radhika Apte Opens Up About A Strange Bollywood Stereotype

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  •  March 7, 2016


Radhika was in town for the ongoing ‘I View World Film Festival in Delhi’, where she spoke about Bollywood’s obsession with her marital status to Vegabomb.

She said, “In the film industry, your relationship status, your ‘availability’ matters a lot. It’s about marriage. Actresses who get married are told, ‘don’t tell people that you’re married’. I know so many actresses who’re married and people don’t know that. When I came back to Mumbai, I met this really young director who I was looking up to, and he asked me clearly, ‘oh, are you married?’ and I said, ‘yes,’ so he instantly said, ‘Don’t tell people that!’ It connects to what makes you look more or less attractive. I sort of rebelled because I was not trying to hide anything. And even though I was told this will be a big problem down south, I landed a Rajinikanth film. So that says something.”

Sad, eh!

Dear Bollywood, Hollywood can teach you a lesson or two.

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