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Komal Panwar


Read How JWB Bloggers Replace Shameful Blush With Colorful Holi Gulal

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  •  March 23, 2016


What makes you shy, makes you weaker.

And that’s why the JWB girls decided to share with you things that they have grown to feel confident with. Initially, we were all afraid of doing certain things that were either considered taboo or embarrassing by our Indian society.

This Holi, we girls took up the opportunity to share our long-dead shyness that has now transformed into full-fledged awesomeness. We used organic pink Holi Gulaal to replace the shameful blush most of the Indian women live with:

Here’s what Ayushi says:

I don’t blush away from not knowing what my mission in life is. For God’s sake, I just turned twenty!” 

And Jayati (On the phone):

I don’t blush away from purchasing my lingerie in a mall full of people. I don’t care if men are ogling at me while I check out some raunchy animal prints.

And my words of wisdom:

I don’t blush away from PDA (Public Display of Affection). Make love, not war, dear World.

And our Social Media Manager, Anvita:

“I don’t blush away from wearing short skirts and crop tops. They asked me not to wear such clothes in Jaipur, but I gotta do, what I gotta do!”

Priya adds:

I don’t blush away from praying during menstruation. Navratri, here I come!

And Lavanya:

I don’t blush away from being a Brahmin and still enjoying non-vegetarian food. Saturday feast, anyone?” 

What do you not blush away from? Let us know in the comments below!

Dear raised eyebrows,

Aap ja sakte hain.





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