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Priya Motiani

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This WEEKEND Our Blogger Ayushi Taught Us Something That Every Girl Should Know

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  •  March 26, 2016


We’ve been away from our Weekend rubric for quite some time now… and so this week, we could almost hear it singing to us: “It’s been a long day without you my friend, and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.” Hence, we decided to pull off a weekend activity.

Okay so, let me just kill the suspense (I’m yay-ing even at the very mention of what we did). We learned how to change the tyre of a car – because singing a hymn for the weekend is too passé, and because changing a tyre is something that every girl should know.

Now, I don’t even need to stress my brain and impart wisdom on why learning this is important. Because Komal (our blogger who is also a gothic metal band songstress – basically, our epitome of ‘cool’) did that while trying to talk Jayati (the liveliest one in our team) out of her firm determination of not attending this activity, over the phone.

Komal: “Arey Jayati! Socho. Agar tum kabhi kahin akeli ja rahi ho, aur beech raste tumhari gaadi ka tyre puncture ho jaye, aur phir andhera ho jaye, aur tumhari help karne ke liye koi na ho, toh tum kya karogi?”

I think I’ll skip telling you what Jayati’s reply to this was (it was hilarious, btw), but well, you get the point right? We girls, more often than not, rely on our male counterparts to rescue us like knights in shining armour from parking and driving escapades. Don’t we? But guess what? It is about time to take things into our hands and to learn to rely on our own selves.

After all, changing a nut and bolting a tyre couldn’t be that difficult! Right? Well, we found our answer to that soon after our mysterious teacher for the day arrived.

Peekaboo! Say hi to the ‘nerdy work patriot’, Ayushi! She deserves much kudos for teaching us the great deed I mentioned above. Btw, did I also mention that women who empower other women are the best kind of women? Ayushi, are you listening?

Komal seems to be smiling. But trust me, she was scared AF! It was her car, after all, that we were experimenting with.

We were excited to start the mission and eager to declare ourselves achievers. BUT.

BUT. We erred by forgetting that teachers are a difficult species to please. And this applied to Ayushi (our teacher of the hour) as well, who, like Professor Snape strictly interrogated us about the nitty-gritty.

Ayushi: (Pointing towards the spare tyre) So before we begin, tell me, what is this called?

Komal and Lavanya: Stepney.

And I prayed to dear god for no one to have heard my answer: Steffaney. But guess what? Professor Snape did. And smirked about it. Grrr!

After a similar set of rather embarrassing Q & A, we got DOWN to work. Hallelujah! 

Lavanya & Komal are the newest BFFs in town. One look at their mirroring stance and you wouldn’t doubt that!

After removing the wheel cap, came towards us what I have now mugged up as the golden rule for changing tyres:

Righty Tighty Lefty Loosey

When trying to loosen a nut, turn the spanner towards the left, and when trying to bolt it, turn the spanner towards the right. Easy peasy?

During this process, our version of Professor Snape (Ayushi) taught us what even the real Professor Snape might not have taught at Hogwarts – Flying. Don’t believe me? I’ve got evidence!

Basically, the point that we’re trying to make in these pictures, except flying, is that if you find it difficult to spin the spanner with your hands, don’t fret. Use your whole body weight and climb above that tool. Result: the nut will loosen in a jiffy!

All this carried on with some helpful insights and tips here and there, from our photographer Pallav. For instance, this one, wherein he instructed Komal to pick the tyre in a certain way…

… if you pay close attention to her facial expressions, you might decipher that Pallav’s instructed way didn’t really go well with Komal. Which is when I pitched in …

… and the tyre got carried away. And we continued being the strong girls that we are. Hell yeah!

Just then, Papa Baloo (That’s our photographer Pallav. We secretly call him that!) intervened to impart some gyaan:

“Bolt the nuts only partially and gently when the tyre is still hanging in the air (courtesy of the jack). And start by screwing the nuts in opposite directions. This will help hold the tyre in the right place. (Yeah well, because tyres can be naughty too.) And then when you think the tyre is positioned correctly, slowly and carefully unwind the jack and let the car rest on the floor. Now, at this stage, thou may tighten those partially bolted nuts.”

Okay, Papa Baloo! We promise never to forget this. Pinky swear.

The tyre was returned to where it belonged, rightfully and safely, without anyone or anything being damaged.

Here’s Komal being all badass about the feat!

And here’s Ayushi (the woMAN of the hour) following suit.

BTW, got any tips for getting rid of stubborn Holi colour? Someone here might be in dire need of those.

And of course, you mustn’t have missed the legend wait-for-it legendary cover picture where we’re all posing with our proudly tainted hands.

Such was our weekend; such are our fun sprees! Want to be a part of our weekend activities? Or want to teach us something interesting? Write to us at

Psst! Let you in on a fun fact? Ayushi’s father made sure she could perfectly change her car’s tyre before letting her drive alone, so as to ensure her being safe and independent at all times. Isn’t that super-cool? 

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