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Komal Panwar


Riteish And Genelia Deshmukh Gave The Most Romantic Interview Ever

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  •  February 15, 2016


Riteish and Genelia Deshmukh have always been a couple that we’ve looked up to. They always make us go gaga over their intense love towards one another. 

When I read these lines they spoke in an interview, I realized how much in love they are. As we always say, here are some relationship goals that we gotta meet!

They say that the best kinda love is the one that grows out of friendship.

Riteish: I am glad that with Genelia, we met, became friends and then that friendship grew into conversations that went on for a very long time. The beauty of it was we didn’t even know when we fell in love.

Genelia: I am glad that we went through all these phases because life is all about evolving and when you get married, there is a comfort level that I had with Riteish right from day one. The first three days, however, we didn’t talk to each other.

Who knew holding hands could be the celebrity couple’s favourite form of romance. Ah. Beauty in simplicity!

Genelia: Holding hands is my favourite form of romance. I love holding Riteish’s hands wherever we go.

Riteish: It’s like if I step out, I will look for her hand. It’s a rarity that I will be walking with her without holding her hand.

We all dream to be in a relationship that has no FIGHTS! Too good to be true. Sigh.

Genelia: We don’t fight. We have our arguments and discussions. I have learned that from Riteish; never to sleep on a fight.

Riteish: More than arguments, we have our disagreements. We discuss it out. We don’t argue over what movies or TV channels to watch, or food.

A happy wife is a key to a happy life. (gigglywigglywooksh?)

Genelia: He will ask me if I am upset, I will say no, and he says okay.

Riteish: If a boy is upset, he will say it. When a girl says no, it means yes. I can never understand the workings of a female mind. So if she says she’s not upset, I take it at face value. I will ask her if she is; she says, ‘No, I am fine.’ So I am like, ‘Okay let’s go and watch a movie. That’s the way it gets sorted.

Old-school love is the best kinda love!

Riteish: We still write letters to each other and proper, handwritten ones, not SMSes or emails. When I was dating her, I used to write one every day.

Genelia: But I could not keep his letters at home for fear of getting caught, so I gave them to him for safe-keeping. We both have all the letters. After I had got married, I took back his letters and now have them with me.

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