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Komal Panwar


These Girls Of Different Body Types Tried On Different Clothes

  • JWB Post
  •  April 15, 2016


Target (yes, the brand) recently announced its new Who/What/Wear clothing line that comes in all sizes.

Yeah, I mean it comes in sizes 2-26. , who are a good example for women of different body types decided to do an experiment.

They wanted to see what the same outfits would look like on all of them.

That’s an interesting experiment, ladies. Let’s see what you got!

The first was a pretty sophisticated ‘culottes-and-blouse’ ensemble and while Kristin felt that she looked like a Supreme Court Justice, the look complimented Safiya’s height.

Well, they tried two more outfits, and their expressions are noteworthy. Have a look below:


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