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Jayati Godhawat

JWB Blogger

This Lucknow Girl’s Reason To Call Off Her Wedding Is Totally Legit

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  •  April 18, 2016


A Lucknow woman called off her wedding day claiming that the groom failed to get a toilet built at his house in time for their marriage and then chose another suitor who had a toilet at home.
A local NGO fixed the match, the boy and girl consented to get married, and the boy had agreed to her demand for a fully built toilet at his house prior the wedding date. The wedding was supposed to take place on Sunday as a part of a mass ceremony.

The twenty-year-old-woman, however, refused to marry the boy after she found out that the toilet had not been built.

NGO reportedly said that the family members of the girl are in full support of her decision.

After understanding the whole situation, NGO suggested another match for which she approved as his residence had a toilet.

Cleanliness is an important issue and it is of utmost importance that every household has a toilet. And, it is every person’s right to have a private space for urination, defecation, and bathing.

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