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This Man Is Suing Yahoo For Sexism. Absurd? Not At all.

  • JWB Post
  •  February 13, 2016


Gregory Anderson filed a lawsuit against Yahoo alleging the company’s performance management system was unfair towards him (and other men).

Yahoo used a numeric ranking system for evaluating employees’ quarterly performance and often fired those with the lowest scores. According to the complaint, the female managers at the company discriminated against men in their hiring and firing practices.

He says that when male and female employees got equally low scores, the women were favored.


He mentions how people were laid off in November 2014. He received the news while on official leave to complete a Knight-Wallace Journalism Fellowship at the University of Michigan. He was attending the program as a journalist representing Yahoo, according to the filing.

Under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and also California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act, discrimination by sex is illegal. It doesn’t matter which gender the person happens to be.

Joanna Grossman, a professor of family law at Hofstra University, told The Huffington Post, “Generally anti-discrimination law protects everyone based on protected characteristics. It protects men just as much as it protects women. The question is did the employment action occur because of sex? It’s just more believable when women come forward and say, ‘I didn’t get this job because I’m a woman. The burden is the same legally, but the truth is that it’s harder to get the fact finder to draw the inference of discrimination. The Anderson lawsuit raises the question of how to correct lingering gender discrimination against women and suggests that the answer is not yet more illegal discrimination.”

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