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Himanshu Roy

JWB Blogger

2 Muslim Women Make A Bone-chilling Video To Show The Brutal Life Under The Islamic State

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  •  March 19, 2016


Ever wondered what would hell look like? Perhaps this video will help you understand. The video is a testimony to two women and their unprecedented courage, who dared to hide a video camera in their niquabs to shoot a video, life at Al-Raqqa, the city which is currently under the occupation of the ISIS.

Under the pseudonyms Om Mohammad and Om Omran, these two women take us through the streets at great personal risk. According to ISIS, any woman who would venture out unescorted would be given the punishment of 30 lashes along with anyone who helps them.

That is why, when they board a taxi, the driver is reluctant and fearful. What if they arrest him, too? Both the ladies tell us about monstrosities like public beheadings, lynching and stoning women to death after locking them inside cages.

What more? They also publicly display the mutilated bodies with often putting the head on a spike at the roundabouts. Gory scenes like a body being run over again and again by cars are also common in the city, which is considered as the biggest place under the control of the terrorist organization.

As you watch the video, the women tell you the heart-wrenching story of their friend, who got pregnant without being married and had to keep it a secret in order to evade persecution. It is because of her, that these two women couldn’t escape and chose to stay in the city to save their friend. She underwent abortion at home because anyone knowing about it would have meant certain death for all of them.

The women speak that how foreign fighters who had joined ISIS but are now themselves afraid of the terror group forcibly take the ID cards of civilians in order to escape to neighboring Turkey. They say how these men would threaten and terrorize everybody who might come in their way.

“I want to take off this niqaab along with the darkness that cloaks us. I want to go out on the streets alone, like I could before. Wear what I want, live the way I want to,” you will hear the women say these words at the end of the video. A silent plea for freedom that they have been denied by humans, who have little trace of humanity left in them. This show of courage by these two women is what all it takes to make you believe that there is still space for optimism.

Hope the world is listening!

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