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This Movie Asks If A Maid’s Daughter Will Always Be A Maid, Too?

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  •  March 25, 2016


Swara Bhaskar has always let her performances speak for herself. Be it her roles in ‘Raanjhana’ or ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Pao’, we have watched in awe, what a powerhouse of talent this gritty actor is. And guess what? She is back!

Watching the trailer of Nil Battey Sannata will only reaffirm your belief in her enviable acting prowess.

“To kya bai ki beti bai hi banegi?” One gets to hear upon seeing the trailer for the movie, in which Swara stars as a housemaid and also the mother of a young girl. Her character works extremely hard to earn their livelihood and send the little girl to school.

There’s an absolute simplicity that one gets to see in the trailer upon seeing the mother-daughter conversations.

The story, which is set in Agra, paints an interesting picture of the working class life, where in spite of a thousand roadblocks people do dare to dream. Watching Riya complaining to her mother about Math or the way Swara fiercely wishes for a better life for her daughter, helped me admire the film on a different level.

“Even if I manage to do my matriculation, but what will you do after that? We surely don’t have the resources for me to study further!”

Riya’s question put Swara in a pensive mode. Guiding her is the amazing Ratna Pathak Shah, who apparently gets ample scope to flex her acting muscles in the film. I just couldn’t help but marvel after watching a scene from the trailer involving Swara and Shah when the latter says that there’s only two things that can uplift the poor, one is luck and the other being hard work.

“Ab tumhare pas kismat to hai nahi, to bas mehnat hi hai,” Shah says nonchalantly to Swara.

And what made my day was how at the end of the trailer, I saw Swara taking admission in a school in order to complete her studies.

Given the positive vibes quite evident in the trailer, ‘Nil Battey Sannata’ is a must watch. The film releases on April 22.

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