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Jayati Godhawat

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VIDEO: These Girls Are ‘Clueless’ & Need A Man. Call On Mansplaining Hotline Now!

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  •  March 29, 2016


Hey, Guys!

Here’s the perfect way to boost your oh-so-sensitive ego! Oh no, we are not complaining about your ego, in fact, it makes you irresistible. *sarcastic smirk*

The mansplaining hotline is here.

(Mansplaining is a condition in which the men believe that it is their naturally inborn right to interrupt, talk over and explain to women on matters that men feel they are the best experts to speak on.)

The recent video from Fox’s new sketch comedy series reinterprets phone sex hotline to sound like a mansplaining one.

Instead of the husky voice of a woman talking dirty to a man, he would call to find a lady willing to listen to him and explain just how clueless she actually is. Yes, you can boast about the car speeds, Star Trek, Playstation, etc., etc.

Cool, right?

The video stars comedians, asking their male callers to enlighten their “dumb” minds with everything from sports to politics.

A seductive voice says in the video, “Our uninformed girls are waiting for you to explain simple concepts in a super condescending way.”  While the screen flashes, “Clueless girls: They need your opinion now!”

What are you waiting for?

Oh Sorry!

*getting on my knees* Please call them now. They are waiting to know the “real” things of the world.

Happy much?

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