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Jayati Godhawat

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VIDEO: This Skin Care Brand Shows The Life Of The “Leftover” Women in China

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  •  April 15, 2016


In China, the women of age 25 or above who are unmarried are referred with this demeaning term “sheng nu” which if translated into English means a “leftover woman.”

For such “leftover women”, their parents deem the marriage market their only savior. Marriage Market is a place where these Chinese parents “promote” their children as a marriage material enlisting in their profiles, their height, weight, salary, values, and personality. Unfortunately, most women don’t even know that their parents have listed them on the market.

However, a Chinese skincare brand, SK-II, under its ongoing global campaign #changedestiny, has taken over this issue, to eradicate the stigma around being unmarried after a certain age for empowering women to be the master of their own destiny and not succumb to parental or societal pressures. This year, they’ve come with “Marriage Market Takeover,” and has released its first ad campaign in China.

They created a short film around the subject showcasing the everyday horrors and taunts, of the parents and the society, these unmarried women go through. The video also highlights how most girls in such circumstances unwillingly give in to the pressure.

Watch the video & see what happens at the end where these girls decide to visit the marriage market:

I feel, the scornful behavior with the unmarried girls over the age of 25 is not limited to just China but all over the world, especially in India. Women who have crossed the “last marriageable age” or decide to stay single all their lives are looked down upon and have to deal with all sorts of allegations and derogatory comments from the society.

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