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When Ms. Fatasstic Went With Her Bf On V-Date And Met The Mean Girls!

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  •  February 13, 2016


It was my third Valentine’s with my beau. We have been together for more than two years.

Let me brief you about my man. He is 5’10, wheatish in complexion, bearded and oh-so-handsome *drooling*. He is working with his father, helping in their family business. We’ll call him Mr. Brown Eyes as he has beautiful brown eyes.

So last week, I was telling him about the kitty party episode and how I responded to the aunties. After we had hung up, he sent me this message.

Oh yes, I did twerk for a bit.

Anyways, back to Valentine’s, we decided to go for a date lunch. (dinner was opted out due to my time restrictions at home, you see)

Mr. Brown Eyes has never been much interested in Valentine’s but knows very well that his chick is all about the romance and lovey-dovey mushy things. Ha-ha!

Oh yeah! I am a hopeless romantic. Not guilty.

And, so on Sunday the 14th (could it have been a more perfect day), we met at our rendezvous. He looked gorgeous in that black shirt. *drooling again*

We settled in our seats, and I caught him staring at me, smiling.

Me: What?

Mr. Brown Eyes: Nothing, you look beautiful.

And he touched my hand, I blushed.

Me: Let’s order before I give you the gift. I am famished.

We quickly ordered and then I took out a handmade card and a wallet wrapped neatly.

Mr. Brown eyes: Aww, it’s lovely. Thank you, baby.

He too gave me a lovely card, a rose and a box of my favorite cookies.

I went like ‘Yaya! I love you! I love you! Thank you so much. I love it.’

Mr. Brown eyes: I have something else, too. But that I will give you after dinner.

Me: Eeee, what is it. Please tell me now. Please, Please, Please! *makes puppy face*

He was telling me not to ruin the surprise when a bunch of my schoolmates interrupted us.

There were three of them and let’s call them the “Mean girls”, the reason to which you’ll know when you’ll read further down.

Mean Girl 1: Hello, Wassup? How are you?

Me: Oh, Hiiiii! I am good. How are you all? Long time, yaaa.

Mean Girl 2: Yeah, long time. So what are you doing these days?

Me: I am doing an articleship for CS, and I am also writing for a blog. What about you guys?

They told me where they worked or studied. Mean Girl 3 was eyeing my Mr. Brown Eyes.

Me: Oh sorry, we have been talking for so long, and I didn’t introduce him. He is Mr. Brown Eyes *looks at him* and Mr. Brown Eyes these are my school friends.

Mean Girl 3: Chalo, you guys, carry on. Let’s catch up sometime soon yaa. It was so nice to meet you. Buhbye!

We waved them goodbye, sat back, and gobbled on our food like two hungry kids.

Me: It’s so sweet to meet the school friends after a long time. It brings back all the wonderful memories of the school. Awww, now I miss my school days.

Mr. Brown Eyes: I know. School days are the best days. We were so carefree, no?

I nodded.

After we had paid the bill, I excused myself to the washroom, and he went to fetch his car from the parking.

I was about to enter when I heard some girls talking loudly in the restroom. The girls were actually my school friends, and I was horrified to what they were talking about. Yes, I decided to eavesdrop.

Mean Girl 1: Yeah, that’s exactly what I was thinking. She is so fat. And still she gotta boyfriend.

Mean Girl 2: A very hot one too.

I didn’t know if I was supposed to take it as a compliment or a comment.

Mean Girl 3: What has she got that we don’t. We are slim too, unlike her. What did he see in her?

Mean Girl 1: Maybe, her father’s loaded wallet! What else would explain him liking her.

Mean Girl 3: Hahahhaha! Maybe, or he might just be blind.

Mean Girl 2: Or, maybe he hasn’t seen her without clothes. Jeez, I am sure he’ll run away when he sees those tires and flab bulging, not that her clothes conceal much of them.

Mean Girl 1: Bingo! He would be just ticking off the fat girl sex from his list, and once he’s done, he will leave her.

They all laughed and giggled away and in my head it seemed three Cruella’s mocking me.

I had fixed; I would not tolerate this. So, I stormed inside and saw them re-touching their makeup and hair. They were shell-shocked, and the look on my face confirmed them that I had heard every bit of their grotesque chatter.

Me: *claps* Thank you for reminding me why I am me and not you. Thank you for making me realize why he loved me and chose me instead of someone like you. He loves me for I am not mean, I don’t go out comparing myself with other people on any levels. *do finger quotes in air* FYI, we have been together for almost three years. And, he’s not concerned about my father’s worth or my curves which he has seen in entirety. And, he loves them. And know why?

It’s because I love me. I am great the way I am. I am a healthy girl, who’s not insecure about her body. BTW, what’s wrong with having curves? What’s so gross about having flesh on your body?

I’ll tell you, N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Nothing is wrong with me, my body and the layers of skin on my body. What is gross and disgraceful is your shallow mentality to weigh everything on a weighing scale.  I am not disgusted by the fact that you think so low of me; that’s your problem, not mine. But I feel sorry about you guys, who think that being slim is what makes people beautiful.

They stood with lowered eyes, embarrassed. One of them tried to say something, but I shushed her up and departed, banging the door behind. I quickly walked out of the restaurant and saw him waiting outside. I sat in the car, and he immediately knew something was wrong. I told him about the whole washroom episode.

Mr. Brown Eyes: *takes my hand in his and kisses it gently* you are my favorite person, you know right? And, you know na I love you. And, I respect you even more, because you stand up for yourself. You ain’t got to prove yourself to anybody. You know you are awesome. So just take a deep breath, and delete this episode, and allow me to take you somewhere we can..  you know… *winks*

Me: He-He! Oh that’s the surprise you wanted to give me. You are amazing too. Love you! Let’s Go!

Mr. Brown Eyes: And next time, if you meet them anywhere, just remind them, that Real Men Love Curves and Flesh, Bones are for Dogs.

I eyed him, chuckled and inscribed that line in my head.

I had just changed in my Pj-s, he sent me this message.

#Fatasstic Tip 2:

People will find some faults in you, no matter what your size is, don’t listen to them. But if they insult you or demean you, don’t hold back. Tell them, you love your body and won’t allow anyone disrespecting them. 

Until Next time! Tada! Ciao!

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