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Komal Panwar


Woman Paints Herself In Grease For 100 Days To Fight Color Discrimination

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  •  April 6, 2016


In India, being dark-skinned is a sin. The fact that your body produces more melanin than others is unacceptable, and that’s why fairness creams have taken over the market.

After the suicide of Hyderabad-based student Rohith Vemula, Kochi-based artist, Jaya P.S. decided to paint herself black for 100 days. She covers herself in grease to fight caste & colour discrimination.

“After Rohith Vemula’s suicide, people have started discussing Dalit issues more openly. When people look at a dark-skinned person, they relate it to being from lower strata of society or as a bad thing. As a woman, I feel this disparity more than ever,” Jaya told BuzzFeed.

“In the last 70 days, I have been stared at oddly in public and some people have even asked me why I am doing this to my face,” she said.

“I used to find the attention odd before. But, I see it as a chance to keep the dialogue going on with people around me,” says Jaya.

At the end of the 100 days, she will perform Bharatnatyam while being grease laden. “We use makeup to look fairer in a performance. Maybe we can change that with my performance,” she explained.

JWB hopes that her campaign is successful! Just the kind of people we need!

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