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Women Behind Parvarish Exhibition Spill The Beans To JWB About The Event

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  •  April 28, 2016


It was interesting how Suruchi Saboo and Sneha Kabra met one another. Their mothers-in-law are BFFs, and so when the two got to meet each other at a family function, they knew their friendship was going to go miles ahead.

The Bahus got an innovative idea to present Jaipur with an experience like never before, and they immediately zeroed into holding an exhibition for mothers and toddlers.

Suruchi said, “This is Parvarish’s second edition. Last year’s show was a hit and Jaipur mommies loved our concept.”

Suruchi Saboo

Sneha added, “However, we had some major learnings too. Before this, we had no experience in handling an event. We made mistakes, faced malfunctions and learned how to fix the problems. Aah, thanks to the husbands, though. Last year, we did the show on Friday & Saturday. The footfall was massive on Saturday as compared to Friday. So we made sure this year it should be a weekend.” 

Sneha Kabra

The women must be credited for organizing everything to make Parvarish series a success. From venue to figuring out who can be given the opportunity to exhibit, the ladies did it all. They only kept one thing in their minds – How can the Jaipuri kids have the time of their lives, and how better can they cater the young mothers?

However, it was not just the mothers and their kiddos who spent a quality time in Parvarish last year. Sneha remembered, “Surprisingly, there were more fathers involved in workshops with their kids. Mothers were busy shopping! We saw men encouraging their children to participate in workshops so that the kids learn various creative arts from Artists, who had come from around the country.”

Suruchi Saboo

This year, Parvarish will have around 54 Exhibitors and workshops going on. Jaipurites can shop from an array of mother-toddlers products along with enjoying live demonstrations of creating art pieces suggested for kids.

Interestingly, the friends are well-aware of one another’s expertise and hence, make sure Parvarish is an efficient team-work. Suruchi joked, “Sneha is too good with networking, and I am an introvert. It is her who spoke to the exhibitors and sponsors. I make sure we use her “talent”.” To which Sneha answered, “Wait until you have a child, and you know how too much talking does the magic.”

Sneha Kabra

We’re looking forward to attending Parvarish on April 30th and May 1st from 11 am to 8 pm. More details . Check out the workshops from Creativity at Home, Sabrang, Happy Plants, fashion stalls and lifestyle products along with a ramp walk show for kids where the most stylish kids will be awarded!



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