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Komal Panwar


Would You Call These Pictures Controversial, Or The Untold Truth?

  • JWB Post
  •  March 22, 2016


To some, women are merely trophies, to others, they are objectives. Would you believe that while walking the street, there are more eyes glued to your butt than you know?

Pittsburgh based Photographer Allaire Barte got inspired by the theme “boundaries” and created a photo series that depicts how women are just gifts to men on the face of the earth.

Not everyone understands boundaries, and they assume that “what’s the fun if boundaries are not broken?”

She writes on her website explaining why she began with it in the first place – “I was particularly determined to express the idea that oppression of women does not just occur in extreme isolated incidents (violent rape and physical abuse) but can also be felt in lesser forms during the day to day.”

 Intriguing, right?

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