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You’ll Wish To Live In These Adorable Miniature Tree Houses

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  •  April 16, 2016


LA-based artist, Jedediah Corwyn Voltz has constructed a series of such adorable miniature tree houses that you would just want to become a tiny little person and live in one of them. I swear!

These tree houses are created using small pieces of wood, fabric, miniature artworks, and semi-precious stones. Titled ‘Somewhere Small’, he has constructed over 25 houses around common houseplants, giving them a feel of dreamy scenes of tiny watchtowers, windmills, and water wheels, etc.

In an interview, Voltz said,

“Building miniatures for stop motion always leaves me with a huge bin of scrap balsa, basswood, various fabrics, etc. and I found myself making little fantasy constructions out of that stuff during my downtime.” 

These sculptures will be on display at Virgil Normal from April 23, 2016.

Wish I was a little fairy living in one of them…

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