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YouTube Star Talks About Problem With ‘Don’t get raped!’ Attitude

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  •  April 9, 2015

Anna Akana is a Youtuber, and in her latest videos she is guiding women on how ‘not to get raped’. Of course, in a sarcastic manner.

She says: “I’m Anna Akana and I’m here to help women everywhere not get raped! Because it’s totally our responsibility, right?”

She suggests ways like:

1. Dressing up like a man.
2. Hiring a bodyguard.
3. Buying a gun.

The world has been blaming the women for getting raped and even suggests stupid ways to stay safe.

Akana gives a tight slap on such people’s faces saying – “Women have been conditioned our whole lives to not get raped. My dad put me in martial arts, my mom gives me knives and pepper spray. And despite the fact that I like that stuff, it’s mostly for anti-rape.”

At the end of the video, Akana offers the best solution to preventing rape saying – “You know what would be better? If we just taught young boys that rape isn’t even an option.”

Well, the only solution.

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