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This Basketball Players URGES You To Talk About Her Game & Not Looks

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  •  March 17, 2016


Elena Delle Donne is not just a pretty face hopping around in the Basketball ground. She is a fantastic player, too.

During her latest interview with the Cut, she spoke of being one of the famous faces in the male-dominated sport.

She said, “I just can’t wait for the day where people want to talk about your skills on the court and not your looks. I wonder how many times a Tom Brady (Basketball Player) is asked about how handsome he is, or J.J. Watt (Basketball Player)… it’s something that us female athletes have to deal with all the time.”

So how can we make sure, this stereotype is demolished? And according to Elena, the solution is – “It needs to be talked about.”

She continued, “Continuing visibility and getting eyes on our game and the product that we put out there [is] the biggest way to get people to speak about the game and our talents, instead of always just being like, ‘Oh, a female basketball player…’ I’m a basketball player… they don’t have to add that, they don’t say, ‘male basketball player.”

Oh, poor thing! Elena is currently preparing for the 2016 Olympics happening in Rio.

Let’s see if the world notices her ‘real’ talent this time.

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