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Himanshu Roy

JWB Blogger

Facebook Has A Problem With Photographer Angel Gallo’s Childbirth Photoshoots, Here’s Why

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  •  March 30, 2016


Is the birth of a child a pornographic act? Before you object and say that how could someone even think like that, let me tell you that apparently Facebook seems to believe this. Grave 

Otherwise, what is the reason that every time birth photographer Angel Gallo uploads photographs from the families with whom she works, they are taken down by the Facebook?

It seems that for the social networking site, the sight of a baby crowning through the mother’s vagina so gross and explicit that the public can not view them?

Now the scenario is such that Angel is on the verge of losing her Facebook account. Her Instagram account in which she had more than 8,000 followers has also been deleted.

Angela feels that although it is understandable that nobody wants to see ‘boobs and vaginas flashing on their timeline,’ she is worried about the fact that how even cesarean birth images are being banned on the pretext of ‘explicit acts of violence and aggressiveness.’

Hello, what? Birth of a child is an act of violence? If that is the logic then surely we have no more to say.

Society, where pornography is available with just a click of the mouse, bans images of babies being born! God, the irony has just jumped off a cliff!

Angel says that she wants to show the world how in stark contrast to the general conception surrounding birth, there is more to it. People generally tend to cringe away from birth images and consider them cold, sterile or just ‘women stuff.’

This blatant stereotyping is what she wants to challenge, but unfortunately, some people are just aren’t for change.

So what these people say when they see those images?

“Oh no, this is shit again, women want to meddle.”

It is this mentality that Angel wants to change and is apparently unfazed by this banning spree of social media.

She has started her online campaign to fight censorship and create the photo book that would have only images of babies being born.

You go, girl! We are with you.

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