Friday, January 20 2017, 12:52:29
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As per 2012 survey in India:
• 144,937 women were newly detected with breast cancer
• 70,218 women died of breast cancer
• 144937 / 70218 = 2.06 = round it off to 2. So roughly, in India, for every 2 women newly diagnosed with breast cancer, one lady is dying of it.
The theme of this campaign is ‘Guest from the West’ – representing the freedom of migrating birds that visit our country every year from the west. If to observe closely, the above view of breasts looks like a flying bird’s sketch. Our mascot – flying Bird – will help us realize our vision – freedom from breast-cancer for every woman. Moreover, aren’t people in west more open about such topics? Then why are we so shy? Lets learn from these western guests.
The FLO Jaipur women will be celebrating this campaign by flying kites drawn with the mascot, to spread the message across the city. We will also invite Dr. Uttam Soni from Sita Devi Hospital who will live-interact with our readers. You can ask your queries and doubts during this session. Apart from this, we will also cover real life stories of breast-cancer survivors on our website. Keep an eye to be a part!
With a positive ray of hope to make our women completely free from this threatening disease, let us march together in this campaign.

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