Friday, January 20 2017, 05:19:15
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Family Investors

Luxury villas Casa 9 of Panache Buildtech and JWB team up & bring you a power-pack campaign featuring Jaipur housewives and their stories of turning into successful entrepreneurs!

This campaign aims to motivate aspiring women who wish to begin their careers and defeat whatever is stopping them. It is found that in most of the cases, it is the lack of family support which in turn demotivates women. If you think that this the story of your life, follow our campaign where:
3 head-strong Jaipur women are preparing their business plans to be put infront of their family members. The business proposals will talk about their idea, implementation, resources, market, customers, and funds. Well…not really fund.

The participating women will replace words like money, finance, sponsorship, shares with love, support and time that their respective families can devote towards their dream businesses. The idea is to tell our readers that – Family is the 1st investor in every woman’s career, and that without their valuable investment of emotions, she can’t touch the sky.

Casa 9, a luxury villa concept in Jaipur, holds similar thoughts. For example, their open modular kitchen is such that it allows the woman to breathe rather than stay enclosed behind those 4 walls while cooking. And that’s why, Casa 9 is providing these women the platform to set their business-stage.

So our dear ladies, if you’re budding entrepreneurs, stay tuned to get inspired with these real-life business stories!

  • JWB along with the brand Jewel Saga bring you a selfie contest inspired by the campaign AidToMaid.