Friday, January 20 2017, 12:53:24
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Saajan Chale Sasural


Hello dear men! Please allow us to remind you that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. JWB whole-heartedly believes that “Love is equality” and you should too. Expressing your love through flowers and chocolates is clichéd and so last season! This year, make her feel loved by believing in gender-equality, by indulging in some role-reversal.

JWB’s campaign “Saajan Chale Sasural” is a competition that will get unfolded in three stages, with each stage having its own task. Each task will get you one step closer to your reward: A solitaire ring, courtesy of Jewels of Jaipur!

Task no.1: When you got married, your wife swapped her maiden name for yours. Time to return the favor! The husbands need to either add, or completely replace their surnames with that of your wives’ on Facebook. Take a screenshot as a proof, post it using the hash-tag #SaajanChaleSasural, and tag us on any social platform of your choice.

Stage one ends on 6th February. That batch of gutsy men would proceed towards the second stage.

Task no.2: Time to go to ‘sasural’! We’re sure you must have lost count of the times your wife has cooked a wholesome, delicious, finger-licking meal for your family. For the second task, the husbands need to prepare a meal by themselves, for their in-laws, at their in-laws’s house! Create a photo album on Facebook, use the hash-tag #SaajanChaleSasural, and tag us! The top two albums with the most likes will move forward to the third stage.

Stage two ends on 11th February.

Task no.3: It’s a secret! It’s going to be intense, so be prepared! This shall be the last hurdle between you and that gorgeous, precious diamond ring. In the end, remember: Happy wife equals happy life. Good luck!

  • JWB along with the brand Jewel Saga bring you a selfie contest inspired by the campaign AidToMaid.