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Priya Motiani


Here’s The Reason Why Women Entrepreneurs Have To Crib For Funding!

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  •  February 18, 2016


Have you observed that the number of women entrepreneurs in the tech industry is pretty frugal?

Well, here’s one explanation for it. The male venture capitalists are quite reticent when it comes to funding women. Why you may ask? Well, we have their petty old thoughts and perspective towards women, to accredit for that.

Sarah Nadav, a woman tech entrepreneur, wrote a post about this uncanny attitude of the venture capitalists where they tend to compare the fund-seeking women to their wives. And might I say, her post drives home the point perfectly!

“Investors, you should know that the only thing that I have in common with your wife is a vagina. Your wife may or may not be an entrepreneur. But the extent to which she is founding a company is the extent to which I have something in common with her. When you ask me about having it all, or how am I going to manage my kids, I seriously think that you are insane. Because in my head, I can’t imagine a scenario where you trust someone with millions of dollars to run a business but think that they don’t know how to deal with childcare,” says Sarah.

She also incorporated a conversation she had with one such VC, and it is absolutely ‘cringeworthy’!

“You might not realize it, but you compare us to your wives out loud all the time. And we cringe while you do it, and we talk about it with each other, and would like to tell you to STFU every single time but we can’t, because we want to get funded so we are nice to you,” she added.

A study from Babson College states that businesses with all-male executive teams are four times more likely to get venture funding than companies with even one woman on their team.

Hah! Now we know the reason behind it!

Dear VCs, we’re hinting at you through Sarah’s remarks. Are you paying attention?

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