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Bollywood Stylist Surbhi Has The Secret To Surprise Your Man This Spring/Summer’16

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  •  February 25, 2016


When talking about menswear, the conversation often turns to the question whether men like white, black or grey more. Designer Surbhi Gupta Maheshwari is all set to challenge this debate. Actually, she has already won it.

When I took a sneak peek at her SS16 collection yesterday, I didn’t expect to walk through a riot of colors. The gulals were hanging from the wooden hangers making the ambiance paradisiacal.

Since the moment Bollywood hotties like Saif Ali Khan, Ranveer Singh and Imran Khan have started spotting colorful wardrobes; a surge of similar interest has overgrown in Indian men. And why not? Colors have the power to lighten up your mood, as well as personality.

Didja know, the B-town Nawaab, Saif Ali Khan, sent her a message last night praising her work!!

For the first time in what seemed like generations, men are ditching the greys and blacks. ‘Blue is the new black’ sounds boring. Wise men are becoming new traditionalists who know how to strike a harmony between classic and ethnic. Because, Dhoti can look Dandy, too!

Surbhi’s hot-off-the-tailoring-room men’s SS16 collection recites a similar tale. Just like these kurta-pyjama-jacket sets!

Look how she’s played with pink color in Ikat and dyed fabric.

If you’ve not tried the appliqués yet, go for it. They look regal. What I love in this set is the hot silver cousin of the oldie grey.

Though this season emphasizes on the cooler and softer side of the color spectrum, the bold gemstone colors are taking a stronger accent. Surbhi says, “The ethereal mix of brights adorned with Baroque is my retro dream. Men in this style are sure to steal the show at the weddings.”

She adds, “A bling never killed anybody. So what if it is going to be hot out there, some sequins on your white jacket will only add to the glitz.”

For the men who still want to preserve their love for Inks, here you go! Make sure it has some shine on.

…or, they are dipped in our local indigo dyes.

Talking of the dye-effect, you don’t want to miss on the Ombré. Do you? Keep nodding yes.

You can’t deny the very fact that Surbhi’s SS16 collection includes elegant cuts while retaining the sophistication of tailoring. Add to it the punch of quirky prints, and you’re Barcelona-ready! The pineapples, the zebras, the liquor bottles and the hearts. Psst, are we still talking about the couture or the recipe for a perfect date?

Or if you want to take a bolder step, try these colorful printed ones. Sip the red wine and imagine yourself enjoying the breezy Persian evening.

In case you are looking to add some stylish accessories to your man’s wardrobe, let Surbhi guide you. Not every man wants to revamp his style with accessories. So here’s what you need to do. Surbhi suggests, “Balance his look with some tailored pants and stylish accessories. You can gift him colorful plaid & tartan patterned neckties in mixed hues. For a more polished look, add tie-pins, pocket-squares and cufflinks.”

Styloholiq’s Neck Ties

Styloholiq’s Bow Ties

Styloholiq’s Cufflinks

Styloholiq’s Pocket Squares

So what were your big style takeaways from this collection? Whatever they may be, make sure you create a mood box for him to keep intact all his precious accessories.



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