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Look How Neerja Bhanot’s Colleagues Are Reacting After Watching ‘Neerja’

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  •  February 24, 2016


Let me tell you it’s both positive and negative.

So while everyone on the planet Earth is in awe of this film, some of the crew members who were present on the Pan Am 73 during the hijack along with Neerja think otherwise. They’re not happy about the way the film’s story has been put up. Reason – they haven’t been given the deserving acknowledgment.

People can be nasty sometimes.

We’ve been reading about how the brave Neerja put her life at stake to save that of passengers. The courageous step made her bag the prestigious Arjuna Award.

See how Neerja Bhanot’s crew members have expressed their unhappiness on FB:


I mean, come ‘on people!

Uh oh, wait! Before you before as judgemental as I am (oops!), have a look at this beautiful message from another colleague:



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