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Komal Panwar


Jaipur’s Spice Mela Offers More Than Just Spices!

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  •  April 22, 2016


Rajasthan is famous for its aromatic and spicy food. I’m already drooling thinking about it.

Well, now you have a chance to get a variety of spices from all over the country in your home! Jaipur is currently hosting a Spice Mela (Ambedkar Circle) where apart from an extensive range of masalas, you can find a lot of organic stuff, too.

As I entered the space, the mingles of turmeric and red pepper powder tickled my nostrils. The reds, yellows, and organic juices were all that surrounded me. Women had come to buy raashan for their home. Maybe, they will try a different kind of gatta sabzi today.

I stumbled upon the “Sunrise Agriland Development & Research Ltd.” manufacturer’s stall. They were selling amla juice, homemade amla candy, a diabetic controlling ‘leaf’.

The leaf, Stevia, was sweeter than sugar and can be used as the substitute for it (Yeah, I tasted it.) It controls diabetes, reduces obesity and controls blood pressure. The leaf, originally grown in South Africa, China, is now being adapted in India, as well.

I strolled past canopies selling thandai, achaar bina sirka waala, different types of Basmati rice, cinnamon, methi daana, etc.

There were stalls from different female-centric organizations. Homemade achaar, candies, poppadum, matka kulfi powder. One such stall, the Digambar Jain Mahila Sahkari Samittee is located in the heart of the city – Johari Bazar.

I asked one of them, “Where did the women learn to make these?”

They are self-taught. With time, they’ve discovered many secrets, too!”

#FunFact: Since it’s a Govt. initiative, all the stalls are given to the vendors free of cost, which allows you to make your purchase at decent rates.

We concluded our visit with a chilled lemonade that the bhaiya ji made for us. Really refreshing.

The colourful Spice Mela is a must visit for those who are looking to add some extra spice to their foods. The mela ends this Sunday, April 24th, 2016.

#SmartTip: Carry a handkerchief, and expect to sneeze.



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