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JWB Gang Dedicates Their 5th Day Lunch Hour To Meditation With Nidhie Data

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  •  January 19, 2016


It’s Day-5 of our lunch break challenge, and Ruchika fixed us for a meditation class. We six crammed up in Komal’s Polo, reached the pranic healing center run by Mrs. Nidhie Data.

Before commencing with our session, Nidhie explained us about the meditation technique while we helped ourselves with dry fruits and juice served to us. Yummy!

Nidhie: Do you believe in energies?

Komal: Oh my favorite subject in the world! I absolutely believe in it.

Nidhie: *smiles* So to begin with, as each one of us has a physical body, we also have an energy body. While praying, we convey our message to the god. But in meditation, it’s like a two-way conversation. We send out our messages and also receive messages from the divine source. And that is why all meditation techniques require absolute silence.

Ruchika: Pranic healing is similar to Reiki?

Nidhie: It’s on the same tangent. Reiki concentrates on giving positive energy to a person. Pranic healing, on the other hand, first heals by removing the negative energy in you and then heal you with positive energies. I feel that techniques of meditation may differ, but they all at the end focus on the same thing, i.e. cleansing your aura and securing your soul to the divine source.

Aashi: I am alien to the concept of meditation, but now I am curious to know.

Ruchika boasted about her meditation practices while we waited for our meditation to start. *sticking out my tongue*

Lavanya: So what are we learning today?

Nidhie: Today we’ll be learning the basic two techniques. First – the Twin Heart Meditation. We activate our physical heart chakra which activates our crown heart chakra on the head. It connects us to the divine light and draws that divine energy in us. We will also practice the healing of Arch Angels Meditation in which we invoke the four angels: Uriel, Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael that blesses us and our soul.

In anticipation, we started our meditation session with the few basic exercises for warm up, and Sanchit laughed at us from behind the lens.

We then went into hibernation mode for the meditation. Sssuusshh, everyone!

Geeeee…. Look at us!  *embarrassed*

After half an hour of the rejuvenating and relaxing meditation, we got a surprise. Indeed, a tasty one!

Like the Delighted little kids, we took our seats, and stuffed our plates with fooo-ood. Matar Pulao, Dal Tadka, juicy Caesar Salad, Crispy Fried Potato and the amazing Green Chutney.*Drooling*

I am like, “Lavanya pass me the pulao. Jaldi!”

And Lavanya be like….

food friends jennifer hungry full


Ohhh!! The Green Chutney deserves a special mention. *nom nom*


To cheer up The Sulky Sanchit, make faces while working out. HA-HA!

We still had our tiffins to be finished.

Lunch is a perfect time to meet enlightened people like Nidhie.

The more you try to focus your mind on something; more the mind wanders off to places unknown, to depths untouched and emotions carefully suppressed.

We the JWB bunch are revitalised and energised after the mind- calming session at Nidhie’s center in Vaishali Nagar. If you wish to experience and explore pranic healing, contact Mrs. Nidhie Data: 9828558000.

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