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Himanshu Roy

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Kids Of Ali Asgar & Sunil Grover Get Bullied In School, The Reason Will Shock You

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  •  March 21, 2016


“Iska baap to basanti hai.” 

This is what actor Ali Asgar’s son has to deal with at school when his friends and classmates taunt him because his father used to play the role of Basanti, a woman in the show ‘Comedy Circus’.

Be it their hilarious gags that leave us in splits or the superb timing of the slapstick comedy for which they are famous, the names Ali Asgar and Sunil Grover need hardly any introduction. Their characters of Dadi and Gutthi in ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ has not only managed to strike a chord with the audience but also made them household names.

But you will be surprised to know that life’s not that easy for their kids, who often have to be at the receiving end of jokes and teased because of the drag acts of their fathers. Recently, both the actors have opened up on the issue and said that their children often complain about the fact that how their friends and classmates often try to bully them because of the characters that Ali and Sunil play.

So what’s their problem? They just can’t digest the fact that in the show, Ali and Sunil don the costumes of the female character.

Now, isn’t it quite alarming to see that two incredibly loved and famous female characters which have gained a cult status when it comes to television shows in India, being maligned just because they are played by men?

So apparently we are quite comfortable to laugh at their jokes but later the same Dadi and Gutthi, who become laughing stock because they are drag acts. And let’s not forget that these are children about whom we are talking, little minds that get their first tryst with misogyny when they are led to believe that it’s not okay for a man to act anything like a woman, even in a TV show!

But here’s how Sunil managed to find a solution to the problem. One day he took his six-year-old son, Mohan, to a mall and there, the little one was very much surprised to see that how countless people were mobbing his dad for autographs and selfies. Bet that made him feel proud of dad’s drag act! Now that’s a fitting answer!

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