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Komal Panwar


Lilly Singh a.k.a. IISuperwomanII Had Her Own Insecurities As An Indian Child

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  •  March 18, 2016


Do you remember how tough it was for people to get into Television, let alone the Silver Screen? The internet, especially YouTube has made it easier for diverse voices to be heard. One such voice is Lilly Singh, better known as IIsuperwomanII. 

, who also happens to be an Indo-Canadian, talked to Kirbie Jonhson about the insecurities she had as a child. Ahh, another aspect in which we can relate to you, Lilly!

She talks about her body hair insecurities, tanning, etc. Watch the video below, and you’ll be nodding your head as she speaks the common Indian Parent’s stereotypes!

Yes, they include “being fair.”

IISuperwomanII has legions of fans, but she wasn’t always the most confident .

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